HowToHow To Increase Your Social Media Engagement – A Marketer’s Guide

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement – A Marketer’s Guide

Social media engagement does not magically happen overnight: it is something you have to work towards and earn. As a marketer, having social media engagement is important as it shows you are making conversations with your audience which can have a huge impact on your brand or business. Social media engagement is more than just meaningless conversations and huge followings, it should lead to meaningful conversations that will help grow your business.

Here are some tips that can help you boost your engagement on social media

Analyze your current engagement 

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make in social media marketing is to leave you engagement data undocumented. Keeping tables on your followers, viewers and current engagement can help you create the perfect marketing strategy. Not only that, it will help you measure your growth as well as the effectiveness of communication with you audience. It will also give you details and clues on the marketing strategies that work well with your audience. For instance, keeping tabs on your tiktok hearts will let you know exactly what your audience likes to see and this will guide you to create content that they prefer. 

Create a strategy 

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Depending on the brand, business of services you are marketing on social media, you need to create a strategy that will help boost your social media engagement. Unfortunately, not all businesses work the same, which means that not all strategies will work well for everyone. You need a strategy tailored to your audience and business in order to boost your engagement. For instance, if your brand is focused on advertising to a young group of people, your content should reflect that. You can create, fun, modern content that will suit your audience and keep the interacting with you. 

Do you know your audience?

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Another mistake most market strategies don’t realize is having a disconnect to their audience. This should be put into consideration immediately you create social media accounts for you brand. Your audience should reflect or understand the type of products and services you are marketing. Otherwise, you will have followers on your platform who rarely engage with or relate to your content. 

How will you ensure that you have the right audience in your platform? From the moment you create your social media account make sure you are clear on the type of content you post on your pages. Knowing your audience also includes knowing where they are from. This will help you understand when to publish the content so it can reach your audience at the right time.

Share relevant content 

Once you attract the right audience and know when to engage with them, you need to focus on sharing relative content.  Knowing who they are and why they are following you will help you post content tailored to them and this is guaranteed to boost your engagement on your social platforms.

Make sure you post content that will address their questions, concerns and needs about your brand, products or services. However, don’t just stick to product or service-related content as this may bore some of your audience. Share fun, informative and reliable information on a wide scope to make sure you engage with different people in your audience. Let’s say you own a show store, sharing pictures of your products will only attract those willing to buy. However, adding more information like shoe tips, how to dress your shoes, and more will attract more people in your audience and this can help boost your engagement with your followers. Do not be afraid to create content that will challenge your followers or viewers. Encourage them to ask questions in the comments, take polls or send direct messages to your account. 

Stay on the trend

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In this day and age, following trends is popular and extremely necessary if you want to boost your social media engagement. Most people online are young which means they lean more towards trendy content as oppose to the rest.

How do you stay on trend? The best way to do this is by monitoring your competition. Checking out their content and engagement may help you realize the best content to post on the platform. This will not only grow your audience but it will automatically boost the engagement on your page. 

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