HowToHow To Get Perfect Illumination In Your Kitchen?

How To Get Perfect Illumination In Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is undoubtedly an essential part of your home and the most functional too. And despite its massive importance, most kitchens in many households are overwhelmingly underlit. It is not very difficult to light up a kitchen perfectly, but it is crucial to get the basics right.

The White Teak Company helps you find the right lighting fixtures to get optimum illumination in your kitchen. While we take you through the brief steps, all you have to do is pick the design that suits your needs.

Setting up ambient lighting in the kitchen 

When it comes to lighting up a kitchen, the first and foremost step is to get the ambient lighting right. Ambient light not only sets the tone of the kitchen but also adds warmth to the place. Starting off with a functional and subtle chandelier is what we suggest.

Our recommendation for the requirement is one of the best contemporary pieces from the house, Reality Check.

This piece comes with a high functionality quotient and takes away the need to add track lighting to the kitchen too. If you’re falling short on space by any chance then we recommend going with ceiling light for the space. For this space, we give you the best ceiling light that comes with a dimmable LED, Nip in the Air. 

Illuminate your space in style with floor lamps Adelaide! Discover a stunning range of designs to suit any decor. Whether you prefer sleek modern lines or classic elegance, find the perfect floor lamp to brighten up your home. Elevate your ambiance with Adelaide’s exquisite collection of floor lamps today!

Enhancing the functionality with accent lighting fixtures 

For accent lighting, it is best to go for lighting fixtures that double up as task lights too. And wall lights are the best option to fulfil the purpose here. Smitten is one of our bestselling pieces in the category and this beauty in white not just comes with high functionality but also has a design that’s pleasing to the eye. And if you’re looking for something more conventional, then we suggest you go for Drop Me Home that offers a clean focal point to the place where you install it. 

Another lighting fixture you can go for is a table lamp. Though not commonly used in the kitchen, table lamps can lend a good hand to the secondary lighting and might even double up as task lighting if required.

Soup for the Soul is one such beauty that not just accentuates the aura of the place but also enhances the functionality of the place. 

Nailing the secondary lighting to complement the decor

For secondary lighting, you can go for another unusual piece of lighting for the kitchen. Floor lamps, while uncommon, can definitely be incorporated into your kitchen. Floor lamps can complement the existing decor and can even complement the kitchen island apart from adding an opulent touch to the kitchen. While you can browse through our collection of floor lamps to find the right fit for you that blends perfectly with your decor, Promised Land is one piece that we truly recommend for the space. 

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