BlogHow to Get m3u Playlist: All Proven Methods

How to Get m3u Playlist: All Proven Methods

Music and movie lovers are everywhere. However, it’s not possible to watch all movies in a theater or even pay for a premium platform. In this case, Internet Protocol Television or IPTV streaming by using m3u links can be the best option.

Since IPTV doesn’t have an in-built OTT platform like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you need a m3u URL to access everything. The best part is you can get unlimited free channels by using this link.

But, what is the m3u playlist? How does it work? How to get one link to unlock the best entertainment? If these questions are bugging you, this is the right article to help you out. After doing some research and tests, we found the easiest ways to access IPTV.

In this guide, we will unlock the different methods to create m3u playlist on different devices. Moreover, we will also share basic information regarding this topic. So, let’s dive in.

What is an m3u Playlist URL?

Before we get started with the method, you have to learn the basics of an m3u playlist URL. In simple words, it’s a computer text file format that works for MP3 files or similar things. Once you get the link, you can get instant access to unlimited video or music streaming channels.

You see, these computer text files come with numerous URLs to access free online videos and music. And you can stream various websites to watch your favorite movies or listen to your favorite music.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. You have to set up the IPTV playlist loader correctly to get a hassle-free experience. In this case, you have to keep plenty of things in mind such as how to convert an m3u playlist URL or where to drop the playlist. On the other hand, you have to use a secure VPN to add an extra layer of security.

Types of m3u Playlist

You see, there are various types available for m3u playlists. Even though the music section is the most popular, you can enjoy other content as well. In the following section, we will share the common types of m3u playlists. Let’s have a look:

Audio Playlist: These playlists are dedicated to audio files. Be it movie songs or album tracks, you can get everything here. On the other hand, these playlists are convenient as you don’t have to choose a track manually. Moreover, users can customize a playlist according to their preferences. In fact, you can even add sub playlists inside one playlist.

Video Playlist: Besides audio playlist, m3u video playlist is also getting popular. These playlists are dedicated to video content such as movies and TV shows. However, these video playlists also include audio files. Well, the main focused content is video here. The best part is these video playlists provide the same organizational benefits as an audio playlist. That means you can also customize everything as per your preference. 

On-demand Playlist: On-demand playlists are quite new and less popular as compared to previous m3u playlist types. Simply put, these playlists are created to focus on remote and local files including radio shows and podcasts. You can easily organize the shows according to the date and time. 

Live TV Playlist: As the internet is getting advanced, more and more people are choosing this medium instead of traditional ones. In simple words, these playlists are focused on live TV channels. So, they are ideal for all those people who love watching live sports or news. 

How to Create m3u Playlist in Windows Media Player

Now, you have an idea about the m3u playlist URL. As we noted before, you can create this playlist on various devices. In the following section, we will share how to create a m3u playlist in Windows Media Player. Let’s find out:

Step 1: First, start your PC and create a new folder to begin this process. Here, you have to move all needed audio files to that folder. 

Step 2: Next, open the Windows Media Player and open the Unsaved list section. Here, you have to drag the folder to that section.

Step 3: Now, go to the top right section of your screen and click on the drop-down menu. Here, you have to select the ‘Save list as..’ option.

Step 4: Once done, you have to click on a destination folder and enter the file name. Here, choose ‘M3U’ for the output format. 

Step 5: Lastly, click on the ‘Save’ option to start the m3u playlist creation process. 

This process was implemented on a Windows 7 device. If you have an upgraded version, the method can be a bit different. If it’s not working on your computer, contact the support team or do your research.

How to Create m3u Playlist in iTunes

Just like Windows Media Player, you can also create this playlist in iTunes. In this case, you have to follow a different method. Keep reading the following section as we unfold each step below:

Step 1: At first, open the iTunes app and go to the ‘Playlists’ option. Here, you have to click the ‘+’ option and select ‘New Playlist’.

Step 2: Next, you have to import your favorite audio tracks by clicking on the ‘Add To’ option.

Step 3: Now, go to the top left corner of your screen and select Library > Export Playlist 

Step 4: Lastly, choose a folder to save the file and you can select m3u from there.

How to Create m3u Playlist in VLC Media Player 

VLC Media Player is one of the best ways to create this playlist. To create an m3u playlist in VLC Media Player, you have to follow an easy method. Keep reading the following guide to know more:

Step 1: If your device doesn’t have a VLC Media Player, download and install the app before opening it. 

Step 2: Once the system is opened, you have to right-click on the window and click on the ‘Add Folder’ or ‘Add File’ option, and the audio files will start loading.

Step 3: Now, press the ‘Ctrl + Y’ keys together and the m3u playlist will be created. 

Step 4: Next, you have to select a location, select the file type as ‘m3u’ and rename the file. Once done, click on the ‘Save’ button to complete the process.

VLC Media Player isn’t a native app. If you want to follow this method, you have to download this app first. You can download or install this free app from the app store or the official website.

How to Convert an m3u Playlist URL

Besides creating an m3u playlist, you can also convert URLs. In this case, you have to implement some easy steps as well. Here, let’s find out what you have to do to complete the process:

Step 1: To start the process, you have to copy the URL you want to convert.

Step 2: Next, open your VLC Player (download and install if you don’t have the app) and go to the ‘Media’ under the main menu. 

Step 3: Once you are done with the previous step, click the ‘Open Network Stream’ and a new pop-up window will be opened. Here, you have to choose the ‘Network’ option and paste the copied URL before clicking on the ‘Convert’ option.

Step 4: Next, a new window will be opened. Here, you can choose the settings and the saving destination for the file. Click to end the process once done.


Now, you know how to get m3u playlist and the URL to access unlimited channels. Make sure you follow each step carefully. Once you get the right link, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and songs anytime. If there’s a problem, do your research or watch some tutorial videos for a better understanding. 


Q: How to convert the m3u playlist URL?

If you want to convert the m3u playlist URL, copy that URL and paste it by opening VLC Player and choosing the ‘Network’ option. Wait for some moments after clicking on the ‘Convert’ option.

Q: Are m3u playlist URLs relaible?

Yes, m3u playlist URLs are quite relaible. However, as it’s a free service, you have to be extra careful. In this case, you can use a VPN network while streaming something.

Q: Can I access all content free with the m3u playlist?

Yes, when you get an m3u playlist link, you can access everything for free. Make sure you have a high-speed and secure internet connection to have the best experience.

Q: Is there an app for IPTV m3u Playlist?

No, there’s no app for IPTV. All you need is a URL to stream everything including songs, movies, TV series, and many more.

Q: How to create m3u playlist for iTunes?

If you want to create an m3u playlist for iTunes, open the app and add New Playlist. Next, import your audio tracks and save the folder with a new name and m3u file type.

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