CasinoHow to Detect a Shady Casino

How to Detect a Shady Casino

Online casino is one of the biggest virtual industries nowadays because of their popularity. For this reason, many shady casinos online offer the same type of casino games, impressive platforms, and catchy advertisements. Little did some virtual punters know that they are actually fake especially neophytes because they are not that keen on these schemes in the virtual gambling world.

What is an online casino?

The online casino is an iGaming where players can place a bet online using real cash and receive real money as well in case of winning. The players can play in two ways. They can play any casino game virtually or thru a live dealer.

Virtual games are casino games that they can play virtually using the RNG or the Random Number Generator. The RNG is an Algorithm mathematical system that decides fairly and randomly the outcome of the game played.

The Live Dealer is played live and in real-time. The players can get a chance to meet their virtual croupier and establish connections with other virtual players from anywhere in the world. The players interact with their dealers on a live camera and chatterbot provided by the site.

Wagering online is considered a favorite pastime to many because it is accessible which makes it convenient for many online punters. Choosing a legit online casino can be tricky which is why sees to it that not only do their featured sites offer the best bonus to their customers but they also introduce the latest games because their sites constantly update. The company checks each of their site for proper licenses and guarantees safety and security.


How do identify if the online casino is not fraud?

It is indeed tricky finding legit online casinos although there is a lot of casino site in the online industry. It is confusing to find which one is genuine and which one is not. The sad part is there is some casino site that was granted a license so the players must take extra caution not to be deceived.

1.     Winnings take long to receive

Decent online casinos promptly transfer the winnings of the player directly to the bank or any payment options the latter prefer. However, if the casino site takes too long, especially if there is no reason for them to take that long then players should contemplate on this matter.

2.     They keep on revising the Terms and Conditions

Before players make a deposit and sign up at the casino, they will be presented with the term and conditions. The terms and conditions are presented by the casino site for the player to check and if the latter agrees then they proceed to the next level which is signing up and making a deposit.

Revising the terms happens when the site is compromised especially for rouge ones to prevent the player from getting their winnings. The player only discovers it after they are denied getting their payouts.

3.     Where they got their license

Unfortunately, some jurisdictions give licenses to rogue casinos. Although these countries give licenses even to genuine casino sites for some reason they failed to detect some of the fraud. Some countries that are authorized to give online licenses tend to be lenient.

4.     Big bonuses

Big offers are great but if it’s too high let’s say the casino site offers a 400 to 500% match bonus then it is unlikely unconvincing. Online casinos are generous but not that charitable.

5.     Not too friendly Customer Service

One of the most common and basic is the attitude of customer service. The majority of the online casinos have friendly and engaging customer service representatives and best of all, they are human and not chatbots. Most of them are available 24/7 to cater to the queries and needs of the players. If you chat their site and are answered by a robot and you’ve waited for more than six hours and still answered by a robot, then there is a possibility the casino site you are into is a rouge one.

6.     They lack sufficient funds

If by any chance they sent you a letter or chatted with you to inform you that their funds are not enough for your winnings and you still have to wait for further update.

Final Insight:

Online casinos are flexible and offer pure entertainment. However, it cannot be avoided that even in this form of amusement scams still exist. It is best to check the reviews, scrutinize the type of jurisdictions they are into, check their software, their terms and conditions, and best of all be vigilant in choosing one.

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