BeautyHow to Care For Your Upper Lobe Piercing: Aftercare Tips and Tricks

How to Care For Your Upper Lobe Piercing: Aftercare Tips and Tricks

Getting a piercing is always exciting, but it can be stressful if you don’t know how to take care of it. You don’t want to end up with an infected piercing that can be painful and difficult to cure.

Aftercare is so essential, especially regarding an upper lobe piercing. You can care for your new piercing like a pro with the following tips and tricks.

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Keep Your Piercing Clean

The first thing you need to do after getting upper lobe piercings is to keep it clean. Ensure you wash your hands before cleaning the piercing to avoid transferring bacteria.

A saline solution is always recommended; you can do it with a cotton swab or spray. Clean the piercing twice daily, and ensure you’re not using harsh products.

Avoid Touching the Piercing

One of the biggest mistakes people make with piercings is touching them with dirty hands. Your hands touch everything; if you’re not washing them regularly, you can transfer bacteria to your piercing. If you need to adjust your earring or clean it, ensure your hands are clean. Any other time, avoid touching it at all.

Frequent touching of a new piercing can lead to complications such as infections or slower healing times. The skin around a fresh piercing is susceptible and vulnerable, making it an easy target for harmful bacteria on your hands. Remember, even if your hands look clean, they can still harbor unseen microbes.

Unnecessary fiddling can also cause physical irritation, potentially leading to discomfort, swelling, or scar tissue formation. If you habitually touch the piercing, consider using a distraction like a stress ball or fidget toy.

Don’t Remove the Earring Until It’s Healed

Changing your earring as soon as you get it can be tempting, but you need to wait until it’s healed. Removing the earring can be painful, and the piercing can close quickly.

Wait at least six weeks before changing the jewelry, and make sure you’re using a high-quality metal that will not cause an allergic reaction.

Avoid Sleeping on That Side

Sleeping on your newly pierced ear is not recommended. Pressure can irritate, and sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can cause an infection. Try switching your sleeping position to avoid putting pressure on the piercing.

If you move a lot in your sleep, try placing a pillow to support your head without touching the earring.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Sign of Infection

Lastly, it’s essential to monitor your piercing for any sign of infection. Redness, swelling, and discharge are common signs of infection. Don’t wait for it to get worse before getting medical attention. See your doctor; they will be able to examine the piercing and prescribe medication if needed.

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Follow This Guide on How to Care For Your Upper Lobe Piercing

An upper lobe piercing is a beautiful and unique addition to your look, but it comes with aftercare responsibility. Following these tips and tricks, you can keep your piercing clean, avoid infections, and enjoy your new piercing without complications.

Remember that aftercare is essential for the healing process, and always consult a doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms.

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