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How to Care for Your Gold and Silver Jewellery

Do you have a few favourite pieces of gold or silver jewellery that you want to keep looking as good as new? Taking care of your jewellery specifically gold and silver is essential if you want them to stay looking beautiful for many years. 

In this blog post, we’ll share 5 tips on how to take proper care of your gold and silver jewellery so they will stay looking their best. From cleaning your jewellery regularly to storing it safely, following these tips will help keep your pieces in pristine condition.

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner fluid is a specialized solution designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners. It effectively removes dirt, grime, oils, and other contaminants from jewelry items like rings, necklaces, and earrings. The fluid is usually water-based and contains surfactants and detergents to enhance cleaning performance without damaging delicate jewelry pieces.

Use warm water and a mild soap

Caring for your gold and silver jewellery is easy if you use the right techniques. One of the best ways to keep your jewellery looking its best is to regularly clean it using mild soap and warm water. It’s important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives as these can damage the metal. Instead, opt for a gentle dishwashing soap or hand soap. 

Start by wetting the jewellery with warm water and then gently rub the mild soap onto the jewellery with a soft cloth. Rinse the jewellery thoroughly with warm water, and dry with a soft cloth. This simple method of cleaning can help keep your jewellery looking like new.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your gold and silver jewellery. Harsh chemicals can erode the metal and cause it to become discoloured or tarnished, leaving you with an undesirable outcome. Instead, opt for mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth to clean your jewellery. 

Additionally, you should never use an ultrasonic cleaner or any abrasive jewellery cleaner. These cleaners can damage gemstones and other decorations on the jewellery and cause the metal to discolour. To keep your jewellery in its best condition, make sure to avoid these types of harsh chemicals.

Don’t wear your jewellery in the shower

Water can cause your jewellery to rust, tarnish and corrode so it’s important to take it off before jumping in the shower. This is especially true of gold and silver jewellery, as they are more prone to damage when exposed to moisture. To ensure your jewellery is protected, make sure to take it off before showering and store it in a safe place afterwards.

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Store your jewellery properly

It is important to store your jewellery safely when not wearing it. Preferably use a fabric-lined jewellery box and place each piece of jewellery in a separate compartment. This will help to prevent scratching and damage due to rubbing against other pieces. Additionally, be sure to keep all pieces of jewellery away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Have your jewellery professionally cleaned

It is important to have your jewellery professionally cleaned regularly. Professional jewellers have the necessary equipment and knowledge to clean your jewellery without damaging it. This will help to keep your jewellery in good condition and maintain its shine and sparkle. Professional cleaning also helps to remove any build-up of dirt or tarnish on the metal, making your jewellery look brand new.


Taking care of your gold and silver jewellery is essential for keeping it in good condition for years to come. Following these five simple steps can help keep your jewellery looking its best: use warm water and mild soap to clean it, avoid harsh chemicals, don’t wear your jewellery in the shower, store it properly, and have it professionally cleaned regularly. Taking the time to properly care for your jewellery will ensure that it looks beautiful and lasts you a lifetime.

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