AutoHow to Build a Concrete Driveway?

How to Build a Concrete Driveway?

The overall look of any modern home is incomplete without a perfectly laid driveway. Today, it’s not just a necessary addition but an aesthetic one too that enhances the curb appeal of your entire space. Now, if you are here that means you agree with this and are preparing to build a driveway for your home. While we recommend hiring a concrete contractor service in Melbourne for those perfect driveways that stand the test of time, if DIY is what you have decided on, let our experts guide you through the entire process. Follow our guide on how to build a concrete driveway and undertake the work in the most perfect manner. 

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  1.  Acquire the necessary permits

As a resident of Melbourne, you must already know that before you make any addition to your home you need to get a permit from the council. But when it comes to a driveway, every suburb has its own regulations, so it’s better that you reach out to them and enquire about these formalities beforehand so as to not face any roadblocks once you proceed with the work. 

  • Even if a permit is not required, it’s recommended that you call in a licensed contractor because a driveway that is not laid perfectly can cause severe water damage to your existing property.
  • Usually building a driveway includes excavation work of some kind. So, it’s important that you check if there are any utility lines like plumbing lines below the project area. For this, you can approach the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service and ask for their assistance. 
  1.  Prepare a proper plan

If you proceed with any work without a proper plan, you are meant to lose your way in between, especially when the work under consideration is building a concrete driveway that demands a lot of structure. 

  • Decide on the size, shape, and exact location of your driveway. 
  • Make a list of materials that you would need and source them all before beginning the work. 
  • Prepare a proper budget. You should always know how much money you are willing to spend on your driveway. Also, if the estimated cost goes higher than what it requires to hire a professional, drop the DIY option and seek expert help. 
  1.  Properly demarcate the project area

If your driveway crosses your private property and extends even an inch into the public space, you are simply inviting trouble for yourself. So, before you proceed with the work, check the blueprint of your property, know the boundaries of your space and create a noticeable demarcation. Then begin the process of laying out the shape of your driveway using stakes. Here you have to make sure that you do a proper measurement and ensure that the alignment is right, otherwise, you will end up with a driveway that doesn’t satisfy your eye for perfection. So, create a proper layout and ensure that the staked-out area aligns with the plan you have in mind in terms of both structure and design. 

  1.  Remove the topsoil for leveling

Leveling can be done using a shovel or even an excavation machine depending on how big the area is. An excavation machine is a more convenient option if you are planning to build a spacious driveway. Through leveling, you will remove the topsoil and clear out the area where you plan to install a driveway. 

  1.  Fill the area with Road Base and compact it well

Next comes filling the freshly cleared area with a Road Base. A Road Base is a mix of crushed granite and sand that offers a strong base to any concrete structure like payments, driveways, or pathways. Depending upon the soil type, this layer should be between 4-10 inches but in most cases, 5 inches is the number that works well. Then you have to compact this layer using a compactor as it’s this layer that would be supporting your driveway. Through compaction, this said layer will become denser and provide a stronger foundation for your driveway. 

  1.  Add a strong layer of steel bars

You don’t build driveways every day but build one and expect it to last a lifetime and that’s exactly why adding a strong layer of steel bars to the base of your concrete driveway is of key importance. Your driveways are to hold the weight of your vehicles every day and steel bars would allow the weight to be distributed equally and prevent your driveway from cracking. 

  1.  Pour the concrete

Next comes the most important step, i.e., pouring the concrete. You have to ensure that you undertake this process as quickly as possible so that this concrete layer doesn’t get settled before you spread it evenly. While this process of pouring could be done easily when the area is smaller but in case the scope is much bigger, you would need professional equipment like a tractor or a wheelbarrow and a lot of labor. 

  1.  Smoothen and level the surface

Next comes smoothing and leveling this freshly poured layer of concrete. Here, using a trowel or leveler, spread the concrete and make sure that the thickness is the same across the driveway. An uneven surface would leave gaps and make way to problems like water clogging which you wouldn’t want to happen with your driveway. Also, make sure that you create a slope so that rainwater can easily flow from the surface without it getting accumulated on your driveway. 

  1.  Add texture to your concrete surface

A slippery driveway is in no way ideal for your home and therefore comes in the importance of adding texture to your concrete driveway. You can simply use a broom to create non-slip traction and that way you can avoid accidental slips and ensure that your driveway is not just perfectly laid but is also safe for your vehicles and you to walk upon.

  1. Add the final touch with curing

Curing involves adding a moisture-retaining protective layer to your concrete driveway. You can either apply a chemical curing compound or apply a layer of plastic sheeting to protect your concrete surface against harsh weather conditions. Also, you can water your concrete driveway daily at regular intervals quickly so that the material settles well and doesn’t crack during this process. Make sure that you don’t park your vehicles in your driveway or drive through it before the curing process is complete. 

Driveways Made Simple and Perfect With Roadseal

That does seem like a lot of work to undertake on your own, right? From finding the right material, then acquiring all the necessary equipment and tools to undertaking all these said processes on your own is not an easy task. So, the best you can do is get in touch with a concreting expert in Melbourne and have them build the perfect driveway for you in the most convenient and cost-effective manner. So, get in touch with us at Roadseal today and say yes to a beautiful and durable driveway for your home. 

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