LifestyleHow tall is Gavin Magnus, and His Net Worth?

How tall is Gavin Magnus, and His Net Worth?

Gavin Magnus is a popular YouTuber, American actor, and TV host. Born on 26th March 2007, and Known for “When Sports Collide” and “Time crafters”, Gavin is quite a popular United States celebrity. He also made his appearance on Cartoon Network channel and Nickelodeon channel. Here is what you should know about Gavin Magnus.


Gavin belongs to American Nationality although he is from White Ethnicity who has spent his entire childhood in the United States. His nickname is Gav from his childhood and was born to Theresa Magnus and Dave Magnus. Gav has two elder brothers named Jakob and Justin.

There is not much information about his school or college from a reliable source as he wants to keep his life private.

How tall is Gavin Magnus?

Gavin Magnus has a height of 4 feet 3 inches that measures 129 cm and has a bodyweight of 52 kgs right now. His eye color is blue and often seen with blonde hair. 

What is Gavin Magnus’s net worth?

As per 2019, the sources claimed that Gavin has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. He is into multiple platforms, from TV to YouTube. His YouTube channel name is “Gavin Magnus” which adds $30- $500 every month to his bank account. 

Gavin is also mostly active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter besides YouTube. He has around 2.5 million followers on Instagram and around 4 million subscribers on YouTube. 

His videos often feature his mother, siblings, and also the rumored girlfriend. Well, he became an official member of the rock your hair squad in 2018.

Gavin has got more than 400 million views to date which makes up to 680000 views per day from different sources like social media platforms and music apps. Thus, all that income makes up to the estimated revenue of $3400 per day. This means Gavin gets around 1.2 million in a year from just ads played on his YouTube Videos.

Besides being a child actor, he frequently posts his songs on YouTube, as he is also a serious singer and rapper too. As per the sources, he started singing when he was 5 years old. He also has a hit song with Piper Rockelle that crossed 70 million views and gave a great start to his YouTube career. 

Not only this but Gavin Magnus was also nominated for the “Best Breakout YouTuber” award in 2020. He was also a part of the Team Rock You Hair where he was the host of DreamWorks TV. Apart from this, Gavin was also seen in the Bravo series in “Minor Renovations”.

Besides being a singer, he is also a good dancer and an actor as he also starred in different co-star roles. Furthermore, Gavin also claims to be a designer and a singer too. He was also ranked in the most popular celebrities list on CELEBS TREND NOW.

Other than YouTube, Gavin also rocks 1 million followers on Tik-Tok that gives the glances of his video featuring his parents and his rumored girlfriend. The combining views of both his blogs and music make more than a hundred million views which are quite surprising for a child actor. 

His streak on YouTube started from his “How to play Jelly” and “Why a song on a cat piano II” videos that collected more than 1 million views in less time. 

Gavin Magnus’s personal life

Gavin is Young and is now getting started with his career on a different platform. He has not been in any relationship yet and is single right now. 

Well, it was already on the air that Gavin date Piper Rockelle, the same start he collaborated in his most popular song on YouTube i.e. Crushin. Many other songs also featured Piper Rockelle that led to those rumors, but he hasn’t confirmed his relationship to date. 

Gavin revealed that Selena Gomez is his celebrity crush and he wants to meet ninja in the YouTubers. Well, besides being a Youtuber, he also actively participates in hospital charity events and is also an animal activist. He has four pet dogs named Zoe, Copper, Eddie, and Orson. Gavin also revealed that his dream is to be the most successful singer and social media influencer as well. 

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