How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

Did you know trees have roughly a $31.5 billion impact on the value of homes each year? While a massive number of homes have trees, it’s not always at the front of our minds to care for our arborous friends. How can you keep your trees healthy without having to dedicate a large portion of your annual budget to tree pruning?

Keeping your trees trimmed is the best way to help your trees stay healthy and lively. If you’re interested in tree pruning, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about trimming trees and tree services.

Why Keep Your Trees Trimmed?

To begin, why bother keeping your trees pruned? Pruning trees isn’t an easy task, and many homeowners may choose to put the job off.

However, doing so can lead to many hazards. For example, an overgrown tree can have heavy dead branches that rest in the boughs. As the years go on, these branches can drop onto your roof and damage the shingles or worse.

In some locations, a tree may block your vehicles or inconvenience pedestrians. They also can become nests to certain pests if they become overgrown or mangled.

Keeping your trees trimmed will provide a better appearance and enhanced view. In some trees, it can also improve their flowering, giving a more beautiful aesthetical appearance. You also will keep the tree healthier and livelier with proper trimming.

That said, improper trimming can cause damage to the tree. If you prune incorrectly, you can harm the tree’s health and stability.

As such, we suggest leaving tree trimming to the professionals. Tree trimming services are happy to lend their expertise to have the task done easily and safely. We suggest that you visit to learn more about their tree services.

How Often to Trim Your Trees

Now that we understand the risks of an untrimmed tree, how often should you trim the tree? In short, you should do so on a case-by-case basis.

Tree growth is affected by many natural factors, such as rain, weather, and soil. The same tree may not grow as quickly or as healthily in different areas. You should trim your trees when you feel they’ve become overgrown.

That said, there are rules of thumb in case you can’t tell when a tree is overgrown. Most experts recommend cutting your trees every one to five years.

If your tree grows slowly, cutting it once every five years is acceptable. However, you should do so based on how the growth is impacting your home. If a tree regularly grows over your roof and damages the shingles, you should trim it immediately.

Taking Advantage of Tree Services

Keeping your trees trimmed is crucial to their health and aesthetical value. Trimming trees will keep their branches strong and aid them in their growth. Many tree trimming services are happy to help you with pruning trees so you don’t damage your arborous friends.

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