AutoHow Much Do Truck Drivers Make A Week?

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make A Week?

Getting a profession as a truck driver is not a big deal. You just need to get yourself a set of papers (proof of your legality in the USA, a driver’s permit for a learner, a DOT medical card, and a driver’s license of a C class) and save some money to pay for the program. After about a month of truck driver training you will pass a DMV exam, get a CDL, and you can already apply to the job offers. Is it worth it, though? It is another question. Firstly, the truck driving industry is stable and growing. The number of hired truck drivers in the USA is estimated between one and a half and three million, and the industry need grows by thousands every year. Meaning, once you get your license, you will not likely go out of business. And let us talk salary. In America, truck drivers are paid per mile. An average mile cost is about $0.49, so the driver who makes 3,000 miles weekly will get $1,470. But the paycheck can vary depending on the job and the company. On Indeed, one can easily find vacancies that offer up to $8,000 a week. And, according to the website’s research, based on the salaries reported by working users and salaries in the posted vacancies, the yearly profit of a truck driver in the USA is $81,669.

What can increase the income of a truck driver?

As it is with every other industry, skills, portfolio, and dependability are key to success. Here are specific factors based on those things that can help you find a good job and grow your income to up to $100,000 per year:

  1. The kind of professional truck driving training you got, specifically, the class of your CDL. B class license sets a limitation on the capacity and size of the vehicles you are allowed to drive which sets a limit on your job options as well. We advise you to aim at the A class CDL training program when enrolling in a truck driving school but you can upgrade your license later.
  2. Skills and experience. High-paying jobs usually have crazy competition so if you want to have a chance you need to be not just fine but great at what you are doing. Experience is a thing to be earned, and starting from scratch can be frustrating but it is worth it in the long run.
  3. Certification. A TWIC card or knowledge of the state and federal law regarding specific types of cargo will give you access to jobs with higher liability and higher paygrade.
  4. Unionization. Drivers who are in a professional union are better protected and get more beneficial working conditions.
  5. Mileage. Remember payment per mile? If you drive locally, you get to be home more but you scarcely make 2.5k miles per week. Remote routes bring you more money (and they are paid better per mile as well) if you are ready to spend endless hours behind the wheel.
  6. Company type. First-tier corporations that have private truck fleets or a white glove delivery service demand much from their workers but they pay accordingly.

Where can you get the professional truck driving training?

As we mentioned earlier, with a CDL, you are ready to start working. Choose a truck driving school, finish the learning program, pass the testing, and you are a licensed commercial driver. Your training course will include:

  • ELDT which is an abbreviation standing for Entry-Lever Driver Training, is a mandatory beginner’s course that gets a certificate with an FMCSA record.
  • Understanding truck structure and learning how to conduct its maintenance.
  • Performing a pre-trip inspection (preparation activities that you do before every departure).
  • Operating the vehicle: loading and unloading, backing, parking, city driving, etc.

Choosing a truck driving school

To those wondering what training establishment to enroll in, we are happy to introduce you Start CDL—the best truck driving school in the USA. Start CDL was founded in 2015 and over 6,700 graduates got their CDLs here and started their career path in the industry. And here is why we recommend this school specifically:

  • Experience and dedication. Start CDL instructors know how to help you learn all the necessary materials and are happy to guide you through any possible complicate moment of your training.
  • The amount of training hours depends on the learner! Students can practice as much as they require to become confident and master the training. Do not worry about not passing the exam because of the lack of readiness—you will do great.
  • The school schedule will allow you to combine training with your other activities. Work-life balance is important, and studying is work, too.
  • If you do not live in PA where the school is located, there is an affordable hostel available.
  • Access to diverse training courses for both automatic and manual gearboxes, A and B class CDLs, and upgrade or renewal of existing licenses.
  • No language barrier! Classes are taught in English and Russian, and there are also pre-trip materials in Polish, Ukrainian, Georgian, Punjabi, Hindi, Turkish, Uzbek, and Spanish.

You can reach Start CDL and ask every question you have in mind! And you can do so in any way that is comfortable for you, including:

  • their website: contact form or an embedded chat;
  • socials: Instagram or Facebook (Meta);
  • e-mail;
  • simple old-fashioned phone call.


While the average annual profit of an American truck driver is about $80,000, one can overcome this sum by gaining more skills, increasing their mileage, and getting specific knowledge and certificates necessary for premium jobs. And for those who want to acquire a new profession in a reliable industry without sacrificing too much time and money, Start CDL provides truck driving training programs that guarantee receiving a CDL and a new job.

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