AutoHow Long Does It Take to Sell a Car on Average?

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Car on Average?

Did you know that buying and selling a car is a popular option for many people? According to a recent study, 73% of Americans use their own car for work–and many more use their cars for travel or shopping.

If you need to sell your car, you should get it done. Even if the process is a bit complicated, it’s easier than ever to buy a car.

Still, wondering how long does it take to sell a car? Keep reading for our guide to selling a used car.

Online Marketplace

If you are looking to sell your car quickly, the best option is to use an online marketplace. Selling a car online via an online marketplace is a convenient way to offload your old vehicle.

On these platforms, you can list your car, and provide as much information, and photos as possible. Most cars are able to be sold in just a few days, and the time frame tends to be about 5 minutes to a few weeks depending on the car’s popularity. 

According to, the average amount of time it takes to sell a car is about a month. The time it takes to sell a car on average depends on multiple factors:

Asking Price

If the car is priced fairly with respect to its condition and demand in the market, it will likely sell much faster. However, selling a car that’s priced too high or too low will likely take much longer to sell.

Many factors go into successful car sales, including the right price and good marketing. This can increase the odds of successful car sales.

Car Year, Make, Model and Type

Generally, cars that are three years old or newer tend to sell quicker than average, likely within a few days. Cars that are five years old take several weeks to sell due to the lower resale value.

One thing to bear in mind is that the specific make and model may also contribute to the length of time it takes to sell a car. Some models sell faster than others on the market. 

Condition and Mileage

The amount of time it takes to sell a car depends on its condition and mileage. If the car is in good condition and has low mileage, it may take a shorter amount of time to sell it. A car with higher mileage or in poorer condition may take longer.

The condition and mileage could drastically affect the time it takes to find a buyer. On average, it can take around one to two months to sell a car, depending on the asking price and its condition.


On average, selling a car through a dealership can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It depends on the car being sold and the dealership itself.

The dealership will assess the car’s value. They work with the seller to agree on a selling price that works for both parties.

Depending on the dealership, they may also take a test drive. Once a price is agreed, paperwork will need to be completed and payment processed. Finally, the car will then be released when all the details are finalized.

How Long Does It Take To Sell a Car?

On average, it takes around seven to 10 weeks to sell a car. It is important to take into consideration the market conditions, type of car, and asking price when buying a new car. If you need help selling your car, consider reaching out to a local dealership or Online Marketplace for assistance.

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