Funeral Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Funeral Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

It’s likely that most people wouldn’t have had a lot of experience arranging a funeral, so when the time comes you may have lots of questions. Not only is it an extremely sad time to go through, but not knowing what to do, what certain things mean and how the process works can add to the stress. 

If you are going through this and need questions answered, we have the top frequently asked questions about funerals to help with the process.

If you have further queries, find a local funeral company who can help by searching funeral directors Essex, or your local area. To help you understand, we have answered some of the most common funeral questions.

Should I Pay for My Funeral in Advance?

You don’t have to have a prepaid funeral plan in place, but it is advised. The price of funerals continues to increase, so if you would like to a say in what happens at your funeral it is a good idea to pay in advance.

With a prepaid funeral plan, you can decide what type of funeral you will have, what to include and pay for it at today’s rates. However, paying for your funeral in advance isn’t a requirement.

What is Embalming?

Embalming helps preserve the body using specialist solutions. It helps delay the natural effects of death to give a better appearance to the body, but due to its invasive nature, it is only usually necessary when a body has to be kept for a certain amount of time. This can include the body being moved from a different country or if the coffin is to be open during the service.

What is the Chapel of Rest?

The Chapel of Rest is a private room for family members or friends to visit their loved one before the funeral takes place. You can use this time to say your goodbyes privately and it can be a helpful step in the grieving process.

Does the Ceremony Have to Be Religious?

A funeral doesn’t have to be religious unless you would like it to be. Speak with your funeral director to discuss your options.

Who Can Carry the Coffin?

Friends and family members are more than welcome to carry the coffin if they would like to. Some people will see this as an honour and a great opportunity to perform a final act of service to the deceased.

If you would like to carry the coffin, speak to your funeral directors who will help you with a briefing on how to carry the coffin. They will also be on hand to help carry it if required.

How Much is a Funeral?

The cost of a funeral will depend on what you would like included in the funeral. You can opt for a basic plan which will usually include burial or cremation, funeral director services, a hearse and care of your loved ones. However, this can vary depending on which provider you decide to go with, so make sure you check the package carefully before deciding on a service.

Funeral add-ons like flowers, limousines and specific coffins will increase the price. 

What If I Can’t Afford It?

If you are struggling to afford the funeral, you can discuss payment plan options with your chosen funeral director. You could also be eligible for help. There are schemes available to help those in a difficult financial situation which you can find more information about on the government website.

Find the Right Funeral Directors for You

When looking for a funeral director near you, such as funeral directors Essex, make sure to look at reviews and ask people for recommendations to help your decision. A funeral director is there to take the stress out of an already difficult time, so you want to make sure you choose the best company.

Hopefully the answers to these questions have helped you understand the process and made you feel a bit more relaxed about planning the funeral. 

If you have further queries, your funeral director is there to help through every step of the process. From pricings to who can attend, feel free to ask any questions and they will be happy to help.

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