BusinessFree Sourcing Tools to Conduct A Reverse Email Lookup

Free Sourcing Tools to Conduct A Reverse Email Lookup

People frequently receive emails requesting personal information in connection with business and other frauds.

To discover their true identity, people may need to use a lookup service. As an employer, you may require a free reverse email lookup when recruiting a new employee or providing information for a job description. Furthermore, you can use an email lookup tool to locate any of your family members’ social media profiles.

These services allow you to dig up real information on people by using their email addresses. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use NumLooker, a reverse email lookup application, to discover someone by email for free.

What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

An email reverse lookup is a piece of software that allows you to seek up information about someone using their email address. These lookup services display results based on publicly accessible data and records.

Databases and public search engines are linked to these services. This is why the lookup service discovers the target person’s social media accounts and phone numbers linked to his email address. NumLooker’s suspicious phone numbers lookup People can use phone lookup and email lookup programmes to check up information such as names, phone numbers, other email addresses, social media accounts, and criminal records.

With NumLooker, you may obtain a detailed background report on any individual just on their minor facts. This is why NumLooker is the greatest option for finding people.

How to Perform a Free Email Reverse Lookup

We’ll go through the features that NumLooker has to offer, as well as the advantages that employing this reverse lookup service can provide.

NumLooker – The Best Email Lookup Service 

NumLooker is an application that gathers little information about the target, such as his phone number, name, email address, and location, in order to deliver maximum information. Criminal records, identity details, location, educational history, employment details, and other basic information are among the data obtained.

Because the programme is linked to national and international databases as well as public search records, it displays accurate information in a timely manner.

What Makes NumLooker the Best Email Lookup?

The target’s email address is used by NumLooker to provide information about him. However, if you have his name, phone number, and home address, you may learn a lot more about the target.

Use Cases for NumLooker

The application provides users with a number of useful tools for locating accurate information on people.

Identity in its entirety

NumLooker is a website that lets people find old friends and relatives by looking for them by name, phone number, or email address. The application has complete access to the target person’s full name, phone number, and address.

Obtaining Historical Information

NumLooker aids in the discovery of the target’s criminal history, including felonies, court cases and proceedings, and assault cases. The target person’s career history and educational information are also included in background searches.

Locating Social Media Profiles

NumLooker also identifies multiple phone numbers and email addresses if the target has more than one. The data comprises the target person’s social media accounts as well as any publicly available details on his social media apps.

What Makes It the Most Effective App?

Aside from the advantages NumLooker provides, there are other characteristics of the programme that make it the best rival.


The app is open about its practices and ensures that no one outside the app utilises the information it collects. This means that no one can use the information gathered to deceive someone or harm them socially. It is not even legal to utilise the target person’s criminal background to exclude him from his institute or workplace.

Information Can Be Obtained in a Variety of Ways

If you don’t know your target’s email address, the application offers various options for locating information. You can use your target’s name, phone number, or current address to track him down. With just this little information, the app can tell you his true identity and criminal history.

Service that is simple to use

The software offers an easy-to-use interface, no complicated procedures, and the user can quickly discover what he needs. Furthermore, if the user encounters any difficulties while looking for or retrieving data, the application provides customer help that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get help at any moment of the day or night.

Authenticity of Data

Various lookup services have a reputation for delivering false information on a user’s legal history. This generally causes people to be perplexed. NumLooker is regarded for offering reliable legal data that is factual and legitimate.

What is the Process of Reverse Email Lookup?

We’ll learn how NumLooker works to gather all of the target person’s personal information and how to use the software to do it.

Step 1: Go to NumLooker’s website to use the email lookup service, which operates immediately from the webpage. Now, on the homepage search bar, click the “Email lookup” tab.

Step 2: Type in the full and correct email address of the individual on whom you want to perform an email lookup. After that, click the ‘Start Search’ option to begin your search. NumLooker will take a few moments to complete the search and then show you with the results.

Step 3: The application will search for and display numerous users who meet the supplied criteria. You may see the results by clicking on the matching profiles.

Email Address Lookup Alternatives

There are various NumLooker email search options that can offer you accurate information about the individual you’re looking for. We’ll go over the top three ways in this article.

 Reverse Email Search Engines That Are Free

There are free reverse email search engines that are designed to find persons using their email addresses and deliver information to the user. Their connections to social networking sites, several search engines, and the deep web enable the application to pull information from the public domain.

Users can learn about the target person’s marital status, residence, social media profiles, and phone number using this method. This method is only useful if you know the target person’s email address, although NumLooker offers other options such as searching by name or phone number.

Look up the email address’s domain name.

You may find the host of an email account by searching for the domain name in the email address. It means that if the email address is [email protected], the domain name is

You can only use this method if you have the target person’s email address. The provided information simply discloses the target individual’s name, however the NumLooker reverse email search reveals a wealth of information about the person.

3. Investigate Social Media Platforms

You may find out about someone’s social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, by searching for their email address. You can find the profiles made by a given email address by typing it into the search box of these programmes.

It’s a limited strategy because you can only find someone if they’re active on social media. If the target person does not use public social media, this strategy is useless. NumLooker locates people using international database directories, therefore there’s a good possibility you’ll find the right person with the software.


The article explains how to look for someone’s email address. By entering his email address, name, and phone number into NumLooker’s search field, one can get information on his target individual.

The advantages of the free reverse email lookup are also discussed, which distinguish the software from its competitors. Anyone who reads the essay will undoubtedly gain useful and focused knowledge about NumLooker.

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