TechFix Oculus Quest 2 Link that Keeps Disconnecting From PC

Fix Oculus Quest 2 Link that Keeps Disconnecting From PC

In this world of innovations, oculus quest 2 is a blessing to us. One can connect it to their personal computers. It gives us a real experience while playing virtual games. This headset can be operated easily.

The main thing needed to operate oculus quest 2 is a good personal computer and Wi-Fi network system.

Oculus Quest 2 is a newly launched device. It is the upgraded version of the oculus link. Oculus Quest 2 can work smoothly with any software. It gives us a true feeling of the world of virtual media. Among the new inventions, Oculus Quest 2 is the most advanced device. Earlier it could only be connected to a personal computer. But nowadays, you can connect it to our smartphones. 

Along With various games, it contains apps that can give us entertainment. Similarly, you can gather new experiences.  In this post, we will be discussing why Oculus Quest 2 Link Keeps Disconnecting From PC and how can one fix it!

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Oculus Quest 2 Keeps Disconnecting From PC: Reason & Fixes

There are some specific reasons why oculus quest 2 links keep disconnecting from pc.

USB connection

According to smartdigihere, we should use a proper USB port. An excellent and proper USB connection is needed for the smooth working of Oculus Quest 2. It enhances connectivity. A proper USB port gives a good connection. A good USB connection is always beneficial when using Oculus Quest 2. We have to ensure that all the connections to our PC are proper.

If the problem is still not fixed, we should use another USB port. It is a matter of disturbance to the user if it disconnects repeatedly. The port which we already used may get damaged.  We can even restart the system to check the port's connection.

Wires and Cables

The wires and cables should be connected appropriately. High-quality link cables that can withstand a high voltage of power should be used. This facilitates a good working of oculus quest 2. Most of the clients want an excellent Oculus Quest 2 device. But many of them use poor-quality cable wires. Before checking the device, they need to change their cable wires. It will provide strong connectivity.

software issue

Sometimes software issues can create a significant problem that should be repaired immediately. Sometimes, the device itself creates significant issues. Software crisis can be a problem in this case. The proper functioning of the devices needs a lot of processes. Step by step, it should be done accordingly.


Another reason why Oculus Quest 2 Link keep disconnecting from PC is that the router is placed far away from the device. It does not get a proper connection, and as a result, it gets disconnected.

There should be adequate power in the USB port. Otherwise, it often gets disconnected. Sometimes the visual quality gets degraded, and the user cannot correctly visualize things.


Difficulty also occurs due to data settings. In that case, you need to reset the gadget. Mostly it happens in the case of PCs.

There might be some temporary glitch that creates a problem. As a result Oculus Quest 2 Link keeps disconnecting from pc.

Oculus Quest app

It is often recommended that one should install the Oculus Quest app. It provides some essential links and keeps an individual revised about the app.

Sometimes, wrong signals create a problem. However, if the pc receives a proper signal, it will work automatically.

The Wi-Fi Network Should Be Proper

To get a good connection, the Wi-Fi network should be proper. If there is any glitch in the network, then Oculus Quest 2 gets disconnected from the pc. Sometimes the router is placed too far from the machine.

The user might believe that the device itself is broken. But they should focus on the primary things. A proper network connection enables an Oculus Quest 2 to connect to the device.

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  • How much memory is required to play various types of games?

This depends on the storage capacity of the device. This plays an essential role because good storage will facilitate us to do different activities.

  • How many types of games are available? 

If we want to know about the types of games, then we have to download the Oculus Quest app. There we will find the different games and their types. And we can select them by our choice.

  • Besides playing games, can we watch movies?

Yes, we can watch movies on Oculus Quest 2. We can watch 3D films and get real-life experience.

  • What is the duration of charging for the Oculus Quest 2 device? 

Oculus Quest 2 takes 2 to 3 hours to charge. However, it depends entirely on the device. The latest models take fewer hours to charge.

  • Can we connect Oculus Quest 2 to the television?

Besides connecting it to our mobile or pc, we can connect the device to our television set.

  • Can we connect the device to our android phone?

Some people believe that Oculus Quest 2 can only be connected to the pc. But this is not true. We can connect it to our mobile. Earlier the device gets connected to the pc only. But the upgraded version can be connected to mobiles.

  • Is Wi-Fi a must-have thing for getting a proper connection?

Yes, Wi-Fi is a must-have thing to get a proper connection. You can even use mobile networks. But Wi-Fi is always advisable.

Oculus Quest 2 serves all the needs of a user. It can be used as an online gaming platform. Besides, one can even watch movies. A good network is always essential for the smooth function of the device.

You can even get real-life experiences while playing the games. Earlier, visiting gaming parlors was the only option to get such an experience. But now, with the help of this device, one can get a 3D experience in our homes. It is better if we install the Oculus Quest 2 app. Then we will get further information and updates regarding different games and movies.

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