WorldFive winning streak performance of Arsenal Club in the English Premier League...

Five winning streak performance of Arsenal Club in the English Premier League 2022

Arsenal Club has been able to win all the first five matches and therefore was able to save a pole position ahead of Manchester City. With five consecutive wins, the team remains undefeated. With amazing scores and performance, the team has topped the scoreboard and can win the English premier league if they continue with their performance. Watch amazing scores and performances on cakhiatv.

1. Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

Arsenal won the first match against Crystal Palace and gave a wonderful kick-start to their winning streak. They were able to defeat the Crystal Palace team with a score of 2-0. The players showed great resilience and were able to give a tight defeat to their competitors. Though the second half of the match was out of place the Arsenal team was able to keep their cool and were able to defend their points.

2. Arsenal vs Leicester City

The second match against Leicester City at the Emirates stadium was won with a score of 4-2. Gabriel Jesus was amongst the most reliable players for the Arsenal team scoring two goals and making all the necessary efforts for a hat trick in the first half of the match. Though Leicester City gave a tough competition to the Arsenal team but was defeated, nonetheless.

3. AFC Bournemouth vs Arsenal 

Continuing with their perfect score and winning streak, Arsenal gave a tough competition to AFC Bournemouth. The opponents were completely swept away by the Arsenal players with a score of 0-3. Martin Odegaard was able to score just 10 minutes into the game with another score by William Saliba. Gabriel Jesus sealed their win with a third strike that was ruled as VAR initially. Arsenal was able to showcase their amazing skills and gave the best performance since the 2004-05 year of the premier league. After winning against powerful and experienced team members in their first three matches, Arsenal showcased their determination to win. 

4. Arsenal vs Fulham

The fourth match against Fulham was won by Arsenal despite a mistake at the hands of Gabriel Jesus. With no scores in the first half of the match from either side, it was in the second half that Fulham made their first goal. Aleksandar Mitrovic was able to take the advantage of the mistake made by Jesus and therefore scored a point for Fulham. However, Martin Odegaard levelled the playing field by gaining a score for his team Arsenal. Moreover, Gabriel Jesus rectified his mistake by scoring another point for the team thereby saving his team from a draw. Arsenal stayed undefeated even after four matches and continued with the same in their fifth match as well.

5. Arsenal vs Aston Villa

With four wins in their pocket, Arsenal gave the best performance giving a hard time to their opponents to score. Moreover, the fifth match against Aston Villa was won by Arsenal as well. They maintained their first position with two goals made by Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli. The team played strongly and was able to clinch their fifth win.

They were able to pull off the best performance. With a 100% score and perfect five wins, they were able to show how determined they are to win this season. Leading on the scoreboard with Manchester City in the second position, it’s only a matter of time to witness who will top the pole position with a subsequent match between the two teams. With the best scores and unbeatable performance, Arsenal has remained undefeated with fans contemplating whether this winning streak will continue further or not.

Arsenals with five wins were able to outclass their competitors and obtained the first position on the scoreboard in the trực tiếp bóng đá ngoại hạng anh đêm nay.

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