AutoExcellent Info on Lift Kits for Your Soft Top Jeep Wrangler

Excellent Info on Lift Kits for Your Soft Top Jeep Wrangler

The average Jeep lift kit raises the vehicle between one and three inches but there are kits, like Skyjacker kits, that can lift them much higher. When it comes to choosing the right lift kit, you should consider what you want out of your Jeep. Do you want it to become an off-road monster? Do you want to turn heads driving up and down the strip? If you’re looking for Jeep Wrangler lift kits for a soft-top Jeep, you have plenty of options. 

What Is a Lift Kit?

There are two popular types of lift kit and each comes with its own unique advantages. Between suspension and body (leveling) lift kits, there are great reasons to invest in either, depending on what your motivations are.

Suspension lift kits raise the overall height of the vehicle and, because of the modifications to the suspension, they provide more ground clearance. A Jeep Wrangler hard top that rides three, or even six inches higher than when it had stock parts offers drivers benefits that extend to off-road and regular driving scenarios.

Body lift kits also raise the height of the vehicle but not the way suspension kits do. They increase the distance between the Jeep’s body and the chassis by adding spacers. Even though you’re still riding higher, your ground clearance remains the same. Body lift kits are much less expensive than suspension kits and most people can perform the modifications in their homes garages.

Why Is It Good To Have One?

There are benefits to modifying with a lift kit. Because you’re sitting higher up, your visibility is improved. This comes in handy whether you’re looking down the road at some commotion that could lead to a traffic jam or backing out of a parking space in a busy lot. The suspension lift kit, which provides more ground clearance, is essential for off-roading because it protects your Jeep’s undercarriage from getting dinged by anything that you drive over.

Another reason that lift kits are beneficial is that they could raise the resale value. A rule of thumb with most vehicles is that making modifications reduces the pool of potential buyers. Jeep owners are a different breed, though, and their fierce devotion to the brand means that they famously invest in other people’s investments. Part of this is the trust that Jeepsters have with one another insomuch as they all seem to recognize that modification and maintenance go hand in hand.

A benefit of having a body lift kit is that, even though it doesn’t necessarily open up your off-roading options, it has no impact on your steering or handling. Besides, you can always through a bigger set of tires on it, which will add to your ground clearance, thus paving the way for all the off-roading you like.

The next time you see a Jeep Wrangler soft top for sale, consider buying it and immediately modifying it with a lift kit. If you want to take it off the beaten path, make sure that kit can increase your ground clearance. If you want a relatively simple project that doesn’t cost too much, consider a body lift kit. Whatever you decide, visit an auto parts store to get the best parts and accessories to make your Jeep soft top uniquely your own.

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