BlogEverything You Need To Know About Bed Bug Treatment 

Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bug Treatment 

Bed bugs are small and very good at hiding. They generally come out of hiding when you are asleep and feast on your blood. Of course, the fact that they are very small explains why you don’t suffer any significant loss of blood. 

Bed bug bites will be obvious when you wake as they appear like a red welt. In most cases, they are very itchy and in rare cases, you may develop a fever or fatigue. Bed bugs are also very good at hitchhiking. They will slip into soft furnishings and can easily move between houses, allowing them to spread quickly. 

Because they are so good at hiding it can be hard to effectively eliminate all the bed bugs, that’s why you should click here and get the professionals to do it for you. They have the best equipment and experience to help you effectively eliminate the issue. You can learn more info here.

First Visit

If you get the professionals they will want to visit your home to assess the scale of the problem and decide the best treatment option. They will also talk you through the options and what they intend to do.

Heat Treatments

Bed bugs are surprisingly resilient. However, heat does kill them. You can place all the soft furnishings from an infected room into a washing machine for a standard cycle then dry them at high heat for at least twenty minutes, this will kill any bed bugs. 

Of course, you can’t put your bed in the washing machine! Fortunately, you don’t need to. Pest control companies will use heat to kill the bed bugs in your room.

It should be noted that insecticides are not a practical approach. They will kill the adult bed bugs but they are ineffective against the eggs as they have a protective coating on them. 

  1. Heat the Room

The specialists can heat the entire room to kill the bed bugs. It has been shown that they cannot survive once the temperature exceeds 135°F.

Before the temperature of the room can be raised it will need to be prepared. This means checking for anything that could be damaged by the high temperature and removing it. The room will also need to be sealed. This is because as the temperature rises the bed bugs will try to escape. Sealing keeps them in and ensures the heat kills them.

  1. Targeted heat

If it is not possible to heat the entire room to the required temperature then the experts can use a special handheld heat unit. This can be moved around the room and target all the spots where eggs may be left. That means looking for creases in fabrics and dark, corners where the bed bugs and their eggs can hide. 

Final Thoughts

In most cases, one visit is enough to eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs. However, you need to remain vigilant to ensure that the treatment has been successful. If not, you’ll need to call the experts back.

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