PetDog Care 101: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy and...

Dog Care 101: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy and Happy

Now that you have a pooch, it behoves you to care for it and keep it healthy and happy. Owning a dog is no simple feat, but by applying the rights dos and don’ts, you are assured a seamless journey as a dog parent and a happy environment for your dog – a win-win situation for you and your furry friend.

From grooming and exercising to pet toys and accessories, the following are essential tips to incorporate into caring for your dogs to keep your dogs healthy and happy:

  1. Grooming

When your pet has got quite the fur, then visits to the professional groomer become a necessity. Regularly grooming your dogs is essential to prevent ticks from growing on your pets, matted fur, acrid odours from your pets, and an overall unhealthy physical appearance. You may also get to groom your pets yourselves and save up some pounds once in a while by limiting the visits to the professional groomer.

Experts have, however, advised that you keep grooming sessions short and relaxing and also reduce bathing your dogs to no more than once a month to prevent causing your dogs from having dry skin.

  1. Scheduled Vet visits

Just like their hoomans, dogs are also susceptible to health challenges and may get sick. Keeping to scheduled visits with your local Vet is important to tackle any health challenge and also prevent other similar challenges from springing up. This is where you know which vaccines are due and get educated on the health of your particular breed.

  1. Pet toys and accessories

From a calming dog bed specially for your pet to cuddle up in, to a stuffed animal for it to play wrestle with or a toy to chew on, you can switch up your dog’s pets and other accessories to keep it happy and busy, especially when your canine is home alone and has to enjoy its own company for a while.

These pets and accessories are a great way to train your pups to de-stress, positively stimulate their minds and let off excess energy, particularly when they have no furry mate of theirs.

  1. Regular exercises

While you might not need to hit the gym daily, your dogs do need some level of exercise daily. Nothing extraneous, but playing fetch (using non-life-threatening items like rubber sticks and Frisbees), walking your dog, and other similar activities are necessary for keeping your pets fit and in the ideal physical shape and also great for mental stimulation. If it’s too cold outside, you still need to go out with your dog every day. Dress the dog in warm designer dog clothes that are made to protect them from the rain, wind and snow while keeping them warm and dry.


Maybe you have seen some sluggishness with your otherwise super energetic dog, or you may be noticing some changes, no matter how benign, and have no explanation for these changes.

Your dog might be due for a Vet check, needs to exercise more, needs more or less grooming, or would appreciate the right pets or accessories from Pamper Paws. Essentially, incorporating all or any of these tips above in the way you care for your dog is sure to give you some answers.

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