CryptoEndless Possibilities of the Binance Smart Chain API

Endless Possibilities of the Binance Smart Chain API

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The sooner users begin to understand the intricacies of decentralized finance; the sooner they will be able to increase their capital. Today, the number of crypto exchanges is steadily growing and, of course, users in this sector have their own preferences and their own reasons for choosing one or another of them. Today on our article we will briefly touch the Binance exchange. Although it is wrong to talk about Binance only as an exchange. Binance is more than just an exchange, it is a huge ecosystem, the pace of growth and development of which is amazing. Paraphrasing the beginning of our article, we can safely say that the sooner and faster users understand all the features of Binance, the sooner their capital growth will begin.

One of the features of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain is its compatibility with the EVM, and this, in turn, allows developers to create various currency assets and decentralized applications (DApps). In order for users of your DApp to be able to see the data associated with the smart contract, you need to use the BSC REST API specification, and the bnb smart chain api platform of our service provides you with this opportunity.

BSC evolution

Despite the fact that more than one year has passed since the appearance of BSC, the question of why this blockchain system is better or worse than Ethereum does not cease to sound. Probably, such a question is not entirely correct, because both Ethereum and BSC meet certain needs of their users and developers. We do not have the task of conducting a comparative analysis of two popular blockchain systems. However, if we are talking about Binance here, then it should be remembered that BSC expands some of the capabilities of Ethereum during the transactions fulfillment. And yet, the rapidly growing popularity and attractiveness of BSC cannot be explained only by speed, hassle-free and relatively cheap transaction fees. Analytics show that BSC has become the undisputed leader in many respects among the crypto players, and this empire continues to grow rapidly. And it`s not only about money. Probably, the secret of Binance's success lies, among other things, in the proclaimed principles of this company, its goals and objectives.

Systematization of nodes

So, the BSC platform, which became BNB Chain more recently, allows developers and users to create their own projects, buy and sell cryptocurrency etc. using the so-called blockchain nodes. Blockchain nodes are an indispensable component of the network, and without running a full blockchain node, it is impossible to become a member of the network. Blockchain nodes are not just a set of some independent devices in the network, the operation of which is not regulated by anything. Blockchain nodes are systematized by purpose, by type, by their availability. For example, the systematization of nodes by purpose speaks about the roles that the corresponding nodes are programmed to perform: checking transactions, recording transactions, etc. The availability category of blockchain nodes demonstrates the period of their activity: a constantly active (“online”) node or a non-permanently active (“offline”) node. And finally, there are several types of nodes: full, lite, mining, etc.

Launch solutions for nodes

Nodes can be launched by the users themselves, and for this there is a sufficient amount of guidance documentation on the relevant services. There is also an alternative option for launching nodes – the launch, which can be carried out by providers using API interfaces. On our service, in a special administrator section, you will find a detailed guide that will literally explain to you step by step how you can connect to a BSC node using the RPC Fast protocol. The main thing you need to do at the very beginning of your interaction with the service is to register in our system. After registration, you get the status of a full member of the blockchain network and the opportunity to study and make a sequence of necessary settings in order to synchronize your application with the service infrastructure. At the same time, you get a bonus in the form of access to a trial, but totally up-to-date plan without paying for the access provided. What's more, our service gives its users the choice of staying in the trial version as long tine as they want, or to select a paid option with more advanced features.

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