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Don’t Like Pests at Home? Here’s How the Pros Keep Them Out

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If you’ve ever opened up the cabinet under the sink and found a roach, you know how it can devastate the sense of calm and composure a home is supposed to provide. We’re supposed to feel in charge and in control in our home, and the presence of countless uninvited guests undermines that feeling brutally.

Let’s check out what the leading pest control experts do that you can’t to get ahead of the situation.

Sprays That Do the Job

If you buy an anti-pest spray from the convenience or hardware store, you’ll kill a bunch of pests, but you won’t eliminate the infestation. To do that requires killing them all, and commercially available sprays don’t go all the way there.

Industry leaders like GreenLeaf Pest Control have custom sprays you can’t find on the shelves anywhere. They use their specialized knowledge of each pest to make their own blends which get the job all the way finished instead of half-done. 

Don’t waste time and money by buying anti-pest sprays that won’t get rid of the infestation. You’ll only give the pests more time to reproduce and grow their population.

Environmentally Safe and Pet-Friendly

You want the best of both worlds from your anti-pest sprays; they need to be ruthless on the pests and friendly to everything and everyone else. The best pest control professionals use ingredients in their custom blends that are approved by Health Canada, so you can feel confident they’re safe for all your four-legged friends and won’t pose any harm to the environment.

You don’t want to solve one problem by causing another. Professional pest control experts let you enjoy peace of mind while fixing the heart of the issue cleanly and safely. 

Proactive Protection

What’s better than uprooting a pest infestation at the source? Not having one in the first place. Leading pest control experts offer Home Protection Plans that will safeguard your home from pests.

By the time you see a cockroach or a mouse inside your home, it’s already too late! Industry experts can visit your home, inspect and eliminate pest attractants or any pests they happen to find, then give a preventative treatment.

Their specific tactics and approach differ for each species, as their different tendencies and habits require custom approaches. But in general, the best way to ensure your home is pest-free and stays that way is by calling for preventative treatments.

The best in the industry even delivers anti-mosquito treatments that can seriously reduce the number of pesky airborne pests, so people can enjoy their backyards more freely during summer. If you have animal problems indoors or out or want to ensure you never have them, call professional pest control. 

Even nature and animal lovers get in a tizzy when they find a pest inside their home! They can be disease vectors or damage property. On a very basic level, they’re simply gross. This summer, don’t just hope your home is and stays pest-free. Call the professionals.

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