MarketingDomain Name As The Face Of Your Business: Why The Right Choice...

Domain Name As The Face Of Your Business: Why The Right Choice Can Be The Key To Success

Correct use of naming, as one of the effective marketing tools, contributes to the development of a company, regardless of its field of activity. If initially, when choosing the name of a company or organization, entrepreneurs focused on brevity and relevance, taking into account specialization, today a new aspect is additionally taken into account – domain. A well-chosen domain name is a guarantee of successful online promotion and expansion of your customer base.

How to choose the right domain name

Before registering a website, experts recommend understanding the secrets of choosing the right domain. They identified several main parameters:

  • conciseness;
  • relevance;
  • compliance with domain zones.

Now we should consider the issue in more detail. An important point: when searching for a domain name, it is worth remembering that the name of the resource should satisfy the interests of existing and potential clients. As a conclusion, there is no need to use long domains, although they can contain complete information about the company’s activities. The optimal length, which is easy to remember and does not require additional copying of the address bar, varies from three to ten characters. Despite the fact that the maximum allowed domain length should not exceed 62 characters, marketers recommend focusing on conciseness.

The second mandatory point is relevance to the company’s work. Today you can buy a domain name in almost any variation. Therefore, understanding the difficulties of changing a domain for a functioning platform, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the company. Certain inconsistencies are allowed, but in this case the emphasis is on recognition.

Important: you should not choose a domain that is similar to the domain names of well-known web portals. Of course, there is a temptation to expand your customer base using the reputation of trusted brands, but such actions are considered illegal by law, which entails penalties in the form of fines. Therefore, you should study the experience of well-known companies, but when choosing a domain name for your own website, uniqueness plays a key role.

Plus: you need to understand the appropriate domain zones. Professional domain name registrar recommends starting from the intricacies of the company’s work and taking into account the geographic location. When deciding to register a closed domain zone, you must have a confirmed right. An illustrative example: only an educational institution can add the prefix .edu to the name of a website, which requires documentary evidence.

Pay or use free domains

Understanding the popularity of using online platforms for business promotion, today it is possible to take free domain names when registering a new portal. But experts advise doing this only to promote your own blog or platforms with exclusively text information. Paid domains are suitable for large corporate platforms. Alternative: take a cheap domain name.Its advantages are its attractiveness and brevity, so you don’t have to involve third-party resources when registering.

Need more information on registering domain names? On the site We invite you to meet with a professional domain registrar. An impressive choice helps you choose the optimal solution, based on the geographical area, the activities of the company or organization, and specifics. Plus: the portal contains the current price list. The price level remains within reasonable limits, which is a significant advantage of cooperation.

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