AutoDoes SR-22 Cover Any Car I Drive? A Complete Overview

Does SR-22 Cover Any Car I Drive? A Complete Overview

Have you had your driver’s license suspended or revoked due to certain offenses?

If so, you may have heard of an SR22 insurance certificate. But, does SR22 cover any car I drive? This requirement can be confusing, especially when it comes to understanding whether it covers the car you drive.

Thankfully, we’ve written a guide to help you understand what an SR22 is and how your policy works!

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of SR22 insurance. This includes what it is, how it works, and whether it covers any car you drive.

What Is an SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance is not actually a type of insurance policy. Rather, it is a certificate that proves you have the least amount of liability insurance required by your state.

It’s typically required for drivers who have been involved in serious traffic violations and not for minor violations like a ticket for speeding. These include DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). Other driving violations include reckless driving, multiple at-fault accidents, or driving without insurance.

When you’re required to have an SR22, your insurance provider will file this certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency. The SR22 serves as proof to the state that you are carrying the necessary liability insurance coverage to legally operate a vehicle.

How Does an SR22 Insurance Work?

The process of obtaining SR-22 insurance is relatively straightforward. But, it does come with some financial implications. Here’s how it generally works:

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you’re required to get an SR22, contact your current insurance provider. Not all insurance companies offer SR22 coverage. So, you may need to switch to a provider that does.

Pay the Fee

There is typically a one-time filing fee to submit the SR22 certificate to the DMV. This fee can vary by state and insurance company but is generally around $25 to $50.

Increase in Premium

Expect your insurance premiums to go up. Being required to carry an SR22 is often associated with high-risk driving behavior.

This makes you a greater liability for the insurance company. As a result, your rates will likely increase.

Maintain Coverage

It’s crucial to maintain continuous coverage while you have an SR22 requirement. If your coverage lapses, your insurance provider is obligated to notify the DMV. This can lead to further penalties or even suspension of your license.

SR22 Duration

The duration for which you must carry an SR22 varies by state and the reason for the requirement. In most cases, it’s required for a minimum of three years. But, it can extend up to five years or more.

Does SR22 Cover Any Car I Drive?

One common misconception is that the SR22 itself provides insurance coverage for any vehicle you drive. This is not the case.

The SR22 certificate specifically verifies that you have the required liability insurance on your own vehicle. It does not extend coverage to other vehicles.

When you have an SR22, it’s crucial to understand that it only covers the vehicle listed on your policy. If you need to drive another vehicle, whether it’s a friend’s car or a rental, you’ll typically be covered by what’s called “non-owner SR22 insurance”. This is if you’ve purchased this extra coverage.

What Is a Non-Owner SR22 Insurance?

Non-owner SR22 insurance is a policy designed for individuals who don’t own a vehicle but still need to maintain an SR22 requirement. This type of policy provides liability coverage when you drive a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you. Here are a few key points to consider:

Liability Coverage

Non-owner SR22 insurance provides liability coverage. This means it covers the costs associated with injuries or property damage you cause to others while driving. It does not provide coverage for damage to the vehicle you are driving.


Non-owner SR22 policies typically come with certain exclusions. For example, they may not cover vehicles owned by you, your household members, or businesses you own. Always review the policy details carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Rental Cars

If you rent a car, non-owner SR22 insurance can provide liability coverage for the rental vehicle. However, it won’t cover damage to the rental car itself. For that, you may need to buy a separate collision damage waiver or rental car insurance from the rental agency.

State Requirements

Make sure your non-owner SR22 policy meets the minimum liability coverage requirements mandated by your state. These requirements can vary. So, check with your insurance provider to ensure compliance.

Temporary SR22 Insurance

In some situations, you may only need SR22 insurance temporarily. For instance, if you’re required to have an SR22 for three years but plan to buy your own vehicle in six months, you might only need non-owner SR22 insurance for those six months.

Temporary SR22 insurance is designed to meet these short-term requirements. It provides the necessary coverage during the specified period without requiring you to commit to a long-term policy. Once your SR-22 requirement expires, you can then switch to a standard auto insurance policy if you buy your own vehicle.

State Variations

It’s crucial to remember that SR22 requirements and regulations vary by state. Each state has its own minimum liability coverage limits, duration of the SR22 requirement, and rules on non-owner SR22 insurance. So, it’s essential to consult with your insurance provider to ensure compliance with your state’s specific requirements.

Get Your SR22 Coverage and Stay Protected on the Road

Does SR22 cover any car I drive? As we have explored in this overview, SR22 insurance can provide coverage for any vehicle that you may drive. Whether it is your car or a borrowed one, SR22 can help protect you in the event of an accident.

Don’t hesitate to secure this valuable coverage today and ensure your peace of mind on the road. Contact your insurance provider now to learn more about the benefits of SR22 and get a quote for your specific needs. Don’t wait, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and others while driving. Drive safely!

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