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Does a Holistic Approach To Anxiety Really Work?

It seems with every passing year, the world gets busier and somewhat more complicated. The hustle and bustle of every day can often become overwhelming, resulting in panic and anxiety attacks. While minor attacks might be manageable, they can evolve into a chronic issue. When anxiety becomes a condition, you need to figure out how you will manage it. You can either choose over-the-counter calming pills or prescription medication.

There are pros and cons to each option, but make no mistake, OTC choices or holistic approaches can be just as effective at treating specific types of anxiety as prescriptions. From meditation to herbal remedies, holistic medicine has evolved over centuries, creating many readily available treatments for infrequent and chronic conditions. There are several reasons a person or parent might choose holistic options for themselves or a child over prescription medications.

1. Manage Your Symptoms

To be clear, prescription medications are not evil or poisons; they are effective treatments for severe anxiety disorders. Still, using anxiety medication over the counter is often effective for mild forms of the condition.

OTC or holistic approaches to anxiety tend to treat the condition's symptoms. Therefore, when it comes to anxiety, herbal and OTC remedies are designed to help calm the system and reduce the body's fight or flight reflex. Some store-bought medicines are more effective than others, which is why you will need to research your options and consult with your physician or your child's pediatrician.

2. Clinically Proven

Truthfully, herbal remedies for anxiety are often clinically proven. While the medicines might not go through the same FDA approval process as prescriptions, that does not mean the treatments are any less effective. In fact, there are independent bodies that put OTC medicines through the same rigorous standards and testing as prescriptions to verify their effectiveness.

Still, because the OTC industry is not as regulated, people and parents need to take greater caution when purchasing and using medicines. Never undervalue your doctor's medical opinion. If you think your child or yourself will benefit from an OTC anxiety medicine, talk to your doctor about the options you are considering. They will offer you their sound medical opinion.

3. Easier on the Body

Prescription medications are typically only prescribed because of their potency and effects on the body. Patients often need to be monitored while taking prescriptions to watch for and combat adverse side effects.

OTC medicines are not as potent, and the ingredients used typically come with rarer and more minor side effects. When taken correctly, OTC medicines are easier on the body. Still, because every person is different, it is always wise to talk to your primary care physician before starting any treatment or medicine.

A holistic approach to anxiety can work, especially for those people experiencing only mild or infrequent bouts. However, with the number of OTC medicines on the market, it is best to select a few options and narrow your list to one with the help of your doctor.

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