Health and FitnessWhat Is A Disc Protrusion? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is A Disc Protrusion? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The disc protrusion refers to the disc that has been compressed and results in being protruded out of its normal place. Like many other conditions, disc protrusion also turns out to be a bulge or herniated disc. The disc protrusion usually turns out to be a debilitating symptom that can interfere with your life. Disc protrusion turns out to be one of the major issues that may occur in your spinal cord and happens due to the natural regeneration process of the spine.

 Over time it happens that the spinal discs also lose water and disc fluid making them less elastic. And the ability to withstand stress also reduces. With a gradual change, the damage caused due to disc protrusion turns out to be more critical because it can bring weight gain to the human body. The body gains weight that breaks discs for supporting the body’s weight and movement. Also, sometimes, individuals face complications when the vertebrae start pushing down the disc.

Over time it happens that the herniated or protruded disc starts attaining a worsened stage. That said, it allows the disc to lose shape and start expanding outward beyond the normal parameters of the spine.

4 Reasons That You May Experience Disc Protrusion

Degenerative disc issues usually occur naturally over time. But there are also certain factors that can add up to the process. It increases the patient's risk of developing the condition. Some of them are as follows.

  • Lifestyle habits

Smoking cigarettes increases the toxins in the body, and this is the reason that it will be leading to disc degeneration. There are also other issues like poor body posture, obesity, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise that can contribute to the weakening of the disc.

  • Genetics

There is certain evidence that the person gets genetically predisposed to spine issues. Especially conditions like disc degeneration and disc protrusion trauma are why one may suffer from the prolonged condition of slipped disc.

  • Sustaining the severe fall or suffering from the high impact sports injury

Severe fall or high-impact sports injury will be the major reason behind causing the disc protrusion. It can also result in neck and back trauma that is not easy to cure. Regular heavy lifting leads to a herniated disc. The constant compression of the spine puts undue stress on the spinal disc, leading to a rupture. Athletes are vulnerable to suffering due to herniated discs due to the regular strain placed on the spine. Also, the suffering is more due to regular twisting motions leading to the likelihood of a herniated disc or protrusion.

  • Repetitive movements

Performing repetitive lifting, twisting, and bending moments are some of the reasons that can cause disc protrusion. If you are working in the sectors like construction or carpentry, then there may be the chances that your spinal disc will wear down over time. The tough outer ring also starts weakening and is less able to absorb the shock.

The Symptoms of Protruded Disc

The protruded disc symptoms usually vary from one person to the other. Most of the time, disc degeneration is not understandable to the patients. However, some symptoms will make you aware in case it is protruding out from the spinal cord. The duration, severity is completely dependent on the location of the damaged disc. 

There may be a chance that it can also cause pain in the neck. In the case of disc degeneration, the lumbar spine makes you vulnerable to suffering from backache or radiating pain in the legs. Some of the slipped disc symptoms are a pain in the back or neck, tingling numbness, pin and needle sensation in the limbs, and radiating pain in the legs and hands. Depending on the location of the disc, there will be weakening of the legs, sensory loss, stiffness of the muscles, and numerous other issues.

A Highlight of The Treatment Options

In certain cases, non-surgical treatment options will be favorable in the management of the pain and the symptoms from the bulging disc. The protruded disc also requires several weeks or months for healing completely. But there is a need for early treatment so that it doesn't rupture in the future. Treatment options are as follows:

  • Rest

Always ensure that you're staying away from strenuous activities, especially the activities that stress the spinal cord. Again staying in bed for long hours can lead to increased pain, stiffness, and weakness. So you will have to be active while modifying the activities that can cause a lot of pressure on the back.

  • Physical therapy

Physical therapy is sometimes useful for helping strengthen the lower back and the leg muscles supporting the spine. Improvement of strength and flexibility can ensure the prevention of future injuries.

  • Anti-inflammatory medications or over-the-counter medications

Anti-inflammatory medications or over-the-counter medications will be great for relieving mild back and leg pain. In case you see that over-the-counter medication isn't turning out to be favorable for your treatment. It's good to see the doctor and find out better anti-inflammatory medications.


In case you have been suffering from protruded discovery for a long time, you must see a doctor. Reputed clinics with doctors offer top-notch spine and orthopedic care for acute and chronic conditions. The orthopedic care, sports medicine, pain management, and minimally invasive surgery services help reduce the complications of disc protrusion. The doctor will recommend physiotherapy exercise that helps to strengthen the back muscles and encourage circulation. Alternative therapies, including back and neck massage, acupressure, and acupuncture, also will serve as short-term remedial solutions for treating symptoms of the protruding disc.

Surgical correction is the last option to cure the conditions. “herniated disc protrusion” leads to a rupture in case it is neglected. Also, similar conditions are caused by spinal compression, which happens when the spine endures a direct trauma. Also, the chances of suffering increase due to an awkward twisting motion or a gradual degradation. 

A herniated disc protrusion, aka disc protrusion, leads to other health issues, including sciatica, chronic headaches, lower back pain, and leg pains. To put an end to the regular sufferings, one needs to get the condition checked by the doctor in the earliest stage to be away from the additional complications. 

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