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Designing Brochure Templates for School Projects

As summer comes to a close, schools worldwide are now beginning to open the school year. For faculty members, the opening of a new academic year means another year of meticulous lesson planning. Additionally, lesson planning comes with drafting and creating visual and written educational materials to aid classroom instruction. For students on the other hand, a new academic year means another year of learning new concepts and ideas. With this comes projects and assessments that come in many forms.

 When schools were still open to full-on physical classes, the back-to-school season filled establishments with parents and students. Shelves lined with stationery would be emptied as people stocked up on school essentials. But, physical classes are no longer allowed—online classes are. Though it’s still good to stock up on school supplies, building one’s digital toolbox for classes is equally important. Here’s where Venngage comes in handy. 

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Venngage: An essential back-to-school platform.

School projects come in different forms. Sometimes, students are required to put words together in the form of an essay or report on discussed topics. Other times, students are required to channel their creativity and create visual content to summarize their learnings. While the latter can sometimes be overwhelming, graphic design doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why Venngage is a trusted partner for students and teachers. 

Venngage is an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate and multipurpose design software that makes creating visual content easier. Its interactive and straightforward interface makes it a great platform for teachers and students who have no experience with graphic design. Venngage also has many templates for different visual content, but we’ll explore it as a brochure maker.

What do I need brochures for?

Brochures are, for the most part, used in the marketing industry to advertise products or services. Here, businesses provide potential customers with the necessary information about what they’re offering. Brochures come in a variety of designs. Brochures can come in single or multiple pages. 

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You may be wondering: If brochures are used in marketing, why and when would you need them for school? 

Just as brochures contain a summary of the necessary information about businesses and their services, brochures can be used to create summaries of lessons learned in class. Whether you’re making one for a project or a review supplement, brochure design is versatile, which means it can be used across various subjects. 

Now that you know what to use a brochure for in school, here are some free brochure templates and brochure examples on Venngage that you may want to consider.

Pamphlet Template

Source: Venngage

Pamphlets are, ordinarily, single-sheet booklets that are folded into two parts. Because they usually come printed on a single sheet, it’s typically best to ensure that your pamphlet focuses on one topic. Depending on the size of the paper you use, you can also choose to place photos on the pamphlet design to emphasize or supplement the text. 

When it comes to school projects, pamphlets are best used in providing a comprehensive overview of lessons because of their spacious design. This could include in-depth answers to guide questions, important quotes, and references, or even diagrams to visualize the content. 

Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Source: Venngage

Tri-fold brochures are similar to most pamphlets in that they are printed on single sheets but folded into three parts instead of two. Moreover, similar to pamphlets, tri-fold brochures can have back-to-back printing to maximize design space.

Because there are more sections to place elements in, tri-fold brochures are best used to summarize various parts of a single lesson. This could include important people and dates, relevant concepts and material, and answers to guiding questions. Just remember to be concise as the sections are smaller!

Poster Brochure Template

Source: Venngage

There are also times that a school project requires you to be creative. Should there be instances where your teacher will ask you to summarize a book or present your learnings in a creative way, this is the best way to go. Make sure to integrate some photos to make it more eye-catchy without overpowering the content that you are presenting. 

Why Choose Venngage?

School life can be busy, both for students and teachers alike. That’s why it’s important to have a helpful design software that makes visual content creation easier. With Venngage, you can create designs for various purposes without having to spend too much time on it. An account also grants you access to a plethora of templates not just for brochures but flyers, infographics and more! 

Source: Venngage

Aside from getting its design features without spending a penny, you get access to Venngage’s resources on its YouTube channel and Learn Center. Here, you can learn how to improve your design and use Venngage to its full potential. Sounds good? Add Venngage to your back-to-school toolkit now! 

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