EntertainmentWho is Demetrius Flenory Jr?: Interesting Facts About Big Meech’s Son

Who is Demetrius Flenory Jr?: Interesting Facts About Big Meech’s Son

The US has a pool of talent in various fields, be it sports niche or entertainment. You see, rap music has been playing a significant role in the American music industry. The country gifted the world with numerous rappers for years.

In fact, there are so many rising stars in the industry right now. Demetrius Flenory Jr. is one of the most underrated rappers at this moment. Besides his music career, he’s quite well-known as a television personality and actor.

Even though he’s slowly getting famous, a large number of people want to know about this talented rapper including Lil Meech’s age, family, and more. If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

See, not all sources on the internet give accurate information. After researching both online and offline, we found some interesting information about Big Meech’s son. Keep reading our article to explore more about this talented actor.

About Demetrius Flenory Jr

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As mentioned before, Demetrius Flenory Jr is a well-known actor, television personality, and rapper. He became popular after portraying his father, Demetrius Flenory in a series called BMF. You might know that Demetrius Flenory is an infamous drug dealer and record-level owner.

However, Lil Meech never wanted to follow his father’s path. Instead, he started experimenting with different projects. Besides playing roles in television series and movies, he’s also making music. 

You see, Flenory Jr. is popular for his energetic songs. Some of his popular songs are On The Run, Purple Bottles, 12 Wings, Savage Heart, Hello Hello, and more. On the other hand, he also appeared in the Black Mafia Family TV series. 

When is Lil Meech’s Birthday?

Lil Meech or Demetrius Flenory Jr was born on 22nd April 2000 in Detroit, Michigan. Since his father is pretty rich, his upbringing has probably been luxurious. As per some sources, he also belongs to a religious family. 

We have no idea if he’s been close to his father since Demetrius Flenory has been serving in jail. On the other hand, there’s limited information regarding the rapper’s mother. We have no idea about Meech’s school life. 

As per some media sources, he attended the University of Nevada, Los Angeles, and studied Criminal Attorney. He started focusing on his music career in his university days. There’s no news if he completed his studies.

Lil Meech’s Siblings

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Whenever we are talking about Lil Meech, his family is an interesting factor that most people want to explore. You see, the rapper has a mixed background of African descent. Besides being a drug dealer, Lil Meech’s father is the founder of the Black Mafia Family. 

However, Big Meech is currently serving a 30 years sentence. Flenory Jr.’s mother is Tara Big Meech but there’s not enough information about her. On the other hand, we have no idea if the rapper has siblings. 

Some sources claimed that Lil Meech has a brother. As per his Instagram posts, he’s very close to his family. In fact, he has a tattoo for his parents. 

Demetrius Flenory Jr Career

Despite being the son of a popular personality, Demetrius Flenory Jr. worked hard to create his own path. In short, he never wanted to follow his father’s lifestyle. So, he always focused on his music career.

Since Big Meech owns a record label company, he has a lot of connections in the industry. As per sources, Lil Meech started practicing music at a very young age. He released various singles and albums. 

Besides creating excellent music, Lil Meech is also working as an actor on television and in movies. His TV series Euphoria helped him gain a loyal fan following. On the other hand, he had a chance to work with some well-known actors such as Da Vinchi, Michole Briana White, Steve Harries, and more. 

Interesting Facts About Lil Meech

Now, you know the basics of the rising rapper Demetrius Flenory Jr. If you have been following his music, there are many things you can explore. After doing our research, we found some interesting facts about the talented actor. Let’s find out below:

  • Besides working on TV series, movies, and music projects, Lil Meech also appeared in various events and club parties.
  • Since he started becoming famous after portraying his father in the BMF TV series, he has been featured in various magazine covers. 
  • As we noted before, the rapper has inked various tattoos on his body. Hence, he also has his parents’ photo as a tattoo.
  • Lil Meech always wears a special BMF silver diamond chain to represent his father’s organization.
  • Even though Lil Meech has a brother, he doesn’t prefer coming out in front of the media. Neither of his family shared anything about him in public.
  • Lil Meech started studying Criminal Attorney at the University of Nevada. However, we have no information on how he completed his graduation. 
  • Meech’s favorite tagline is ‘‘BOSS OF ALL BOSSES’ and he uses it almost everywhere.
  • He has worked with various singers and actors.

Is Lil Meech Dating Someone?

Whether it’s about a movie star or a business personality, the audience becomes quite curious about their love life. Since Flenory’s father is a popular drug dealer, a lot of people want to know about their personal life.

Yes, we have noticed various questions regarding Lil Meech’s marriage and love life. As per some resources, he’s not dating someone currently. Even though he’s in a relationship with someone, the news hasn’t been revealed in public.

If we talk about the rapper’s past relationship, he started dating a well-known R&B singer Summer Walker in April 2023. The news created some controversies as well. However, things didn’t go well and the couple ended their relationship on 31st July 2023, only after three months.

The couple never made a statement regarding the breakup. Plus, Lil Meech doesn’t share a lot of things about his love life on social sites. However, he’s probably not dating someone at this moment. 

Demetrius Flenory Jr Net Worth

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By reading this article, you can understand that Demetrius Flenory Jr is making his name alongside his famous father. Even though it’s his initial days, Lil Meech is getting popular with his outstanding talent. 

Since Lil Meech is getting popular, a lot of people want to know about his net worth and income sources. According to some sources, Flenory Jr.’s estimated net worth is between $8 to $10 million. 

He has multiple sources of income as he worked in television and movies. Besides these things, he’s also working on his music career. Plus, there can be more income sources such as events, brand collaborations, and more.

Is Demetrius Flenory Jr Available on Social Media?

Ready to follow your favorite rapper on social media? Well, the good part is Flenory is available on various social networking sites. If you are on Instagram, Lil Meech’s official handle is @lilmeechbmf. At this moment, he has over 2.7 million followers. 

Besides work-related updates, the actor also shares some posts regarding his personal life. On the other hand, the talented rapper is also available on Facebook. However, his account is private. There’s no official page on that platform. 

Just like Facebook, there are some fan accounts on Twitter. However, those aren’t Flenory’s real accounts. Since he’s not that active rather than Instagram, we have to respect his privacy. If there’s news regarding his personal life, you can easily get it via media or online search.


Finally, you have an idea about Demetrius Flenory Jr. Despite being the son of the infamous drug dealer, Lil Meech is working on various projects. And we hope he becomes more popular with time. If you want to know more about Lil Meech, you can either visit his social media or do some research on the internet.


Q: How old is Meech?

As Lil Meech was born on 22nd April 2000, he’s currently 23 years old. His father is a famous drug dealer and record-level owner while there’s limited information about his mother.

Q: Is Demetrius Flenory Jr married?

No, Demetrius Flenory Jr isn’t married yet. As per some sources, he was in a relationship with American singer Summer Walker but their relationship lasted for long. 

Q: What is the net worth of Lil Meech?

According to some websites, Lil Meech’s estimated net worth is between $8 to $10 million. He has multiple sources of income including television, movies, music, brand collaborations, and more.

Q: Is Lil Meech close with his father?

Since Big Meech is serving in jail, Lil Meech isn’t that close to his father. On the other hand, there’s not much information about Lil Meech’s mother and other family members as he’s quite a private person.

Q: What are some notable works of Demetrius Flenory Jr?

Some of Demetrius Flenory Jr’s notable works are a film named Taurus, and television series like BMF and Euphoria. On the other hand, he’s also working on various music projects and music videos.

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