TechDell Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming PC (Complete Review)

Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming PC (Complete Review)

Alienware has evolved significantly. They started as a boutique PC maker in Miami. 2006 marked the year that Dell acquired the company. Alienware’s Aurora desktop gaming computer has been built and improved upon throughout the years. The Aurora, which debuted in 2009 with the R1, has undergone various modifications over the previous decade, continuously upgrading internals and changing designs. The R9 is Alienware’s most recent model to reach the market, with each model including some of the most cutting-edge technology available.

Alienware Aurora Design

The Aurora R13 from Alienware is a visually appealing, powerful, and quiet gaming computer with a plethora of front-panel USB connections. It has stronger CPU cooling for intensive productivity activities. The highest model, priced at Rs 5,49,000, has a 13th-generation Intel Core i9 CPU, 32 GB of memory, and an RTX 4090 graphics card.

The Aurora’s tower design has evolved dramatically between generations, but the R9 maintains this possibly divisive style with its overall appearance.

The Commendable Gaming Experience 

Dell’s Alienware Aurora 2019 is a powerful machine for gamers who wish to rake in the cash. It’s loaded with high-end hardware that helps provide a reliable and seamless gaming experience across numerous platforms. 

The Case and the Anchorages Around It The casing may appear to be larger than it is; nonetheless, upon closer inspection, you’ll discover that it’s sufficiently compact and superb in both range and height. It seems stylish enough, and its appearance would complement any gaming area with ultramodern gadgets. The anchorages are densely packed when one does a 360-degree spin around the case. The frontal panel in the middle of the LED ring has three USB 3.1 Type-A ports, one USB 3.1 Type-C port, and headphone and microphone jacks.

Inside the Packaging 

The R9 does not follow the trendy new trend of having a glass or plastic window pane so customers can see their PC’s interior, although this style is only for some. Instead, the top and sides are just fitted with basic ventilation vents, with huge Alienware branding toward the rear. The rear houses all of your connections for screens, power, speakers, USBs, and more. They are all readily available and conventional for a desktop computer, organised in a vertical I/O shield.

Alienware has made recent releases very upgradeable, allowing people to disassemble them for access to numerous components readily. The ability to swing the PSU out to the side when the casing is removed allows for easier access to the motherboard and all of its components. 

The Process of Setting up 

Pre-built computers is easy to set up. They only require a little attention or education for their start. One just needs to unbox it, connect all the wires—USB, display port, HDMI, Internet—and all is done. These PCs come pre-installed with Windows 10, and the Aurora should just take a few moments to boot up before inviting you to follow the on-screen directions for installing Windows. This section is rather straightforward, so simply follow the instructions to log in to your Microsoft account, connect to the web, pick a language and time zone, and so on.

The Experience and Performance

The total performance of the Aurora R9 depends entirely on the hardware choices or model you choose. So, the gaming performance also depends upon your PC model. With a moderate 1650 GPU, the R9 will outperform entry-level gaming consoles of the moment, such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. It is effectively limited to 1080p games. The Aurora has been tested from indie to massive AAA games. In the monitor, they have used a 1080p Viewsonic display, which is capable of hitting 144Hz, of ensuring that this accessory didn’t slow down the system. While playing an online game, the gameplay quality compared to the Aurora depends on the hardware, peripherals, and network speeds.

Sound System inside-out

Captivating soundtracks in games and movies, remarkable spectral responses in music, and sharp, clear dialogue distinguish the good from the excellent PCs. The sound quality of the Aurora R9 is quite good. The availability of software as well as hardware options such as inbuilt high-definition 7.1+2 performance sound. Nevertheless, because this is a pre-built Dell, determining where the supplied Realtek ALC3861 driver sits on the spectrum is more challenging because it is proprietary to Dell goods.

The workings of the Internet and Ethernet

When linked to a plain Ethernet connection, the Aurora R9 will provide excellent data speeds. The RJ-45 Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet port is standard on our R9 and all other Aurora variants. This port can provide a maximum data throughput of up to 1,000 Mbps when connected to an Ethernet cable. Because most people on the globe still do not have access to Internet connections that fast, the inbuilt Gigabit port will basically be limited to whatever your Internet speed is (ours is 200 Mbps). The R9 has numerous Wi-Fi hardware options, but the bundled 802.11ac 2×2 Wireless, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.1 worked well enough for us in a hurry.

Featuring up to 16.8 million colour possibilities, the AlienFX hardware and software offer a plethora of conceivable configurations. Customers have complete control over the external RGB along the front and sides of the tower, as well as supporting peripherals. Themes may also be stored and allocated to particular matches, which is a very cool feature.

The Magic of Windows 10

Dell comes with Windows 10 and enough bloatware. With up to 16.8 million colour combinations, the AlienFX hardware and software offer many potential combinations. Customers have a complete impact on the external RGB along the front and sides of the tower, as well as backed peripheral devices.

About Prices

Talking about the prices, Alienware is famous for its PCs, so the R9 isn’t budget-friendly. It was expensive. The starting price of it is $850, which goes up to $5000.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Alienware appropriate for gaming?

Alienware’s Aura R13 is a modern, capable, and pretty gaming computer with numerous USB connections on its front panel. The importance of CPU cooling for serious productivity cannot be overstated.

  1. Can you upgrade Alienware Aurora?

You may update your Alienware Aurora, of course. The processor, RAM, storage disk, and video card are all upgradeable. You may increase the number of fans and lights.

  1. Where are Alienware headquarters situated?

Current locations for Alienware’s headquarters include Greater Miami, the East Coast, and the Southern States.

  1. How is Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 the most powerful processor?

The highest quality gaming desktop computer systems are often rated at 3,5GHz and 4.0GHz, and the Alienware Aurora 2019 excels in processing capacity and speed. It is therefore ranked among the most impressive gaming desktops.

  1. What RAM does an Alienware Aurora have?

Random Access Memory, mostly known as RAM, at speeds of up to 3200 MHz running at 64 GHz, is supported by this machine. The large RAM allows for simple high-definition gaming. With this Dell computer, Dell offers 8 GB of memory.

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