AutoCVT Transmission Versus Regular Automatic: Which Is Better?

CVT Transmission Versus Regular Automatic: Which Is Better?

If you are someone that just jumps in their car and starts driving you may not appreciate that there is more than one type of transmission. Of course, you know there are a few manual transmissions and automatic, and both systems need to be looked after properly by a reputable automotive electrician Marrickville

However, you may not realize that there are different types of automatic transmission.

Standard Automatic Transmission

A standard automatic transmission handles the gear changes for you. It works in a similar way to a manual car when you dip the clutch to manually move the gearstick. The key difference is that in an automatic car it uses fluid pressure to know when to change gear and then does so automatically for you.

The fluid doesn’t just create pressure that dictates gear changes, it also cools the transmission and locks and unlocks gears through a torque converter. It’s very easy to use and potentially handy in stop and start traffic. But, cars with automatic boxes tend to be more expensive to buy and to run than their manual counterparts. 

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The CVT option works differently. It doesn’t use fluid and gears in the conventional style. Instead, it uses two pulleys that have a belt to link them. On one side the pulley is connected to the engine, allowing it to be turned at the same speed as the engine. The other pulley is on the transmission, transferring power to the wheels. The pulleys and belt flex to adjust the amount of power delivered depending on the engine speed, the position of the accelerator, and various other factors. 

The Advantages Of CVT

CVT can help to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. While a standard automatic box doesn’t worry about fuel efficiency, preferring to have the power available in case you need it, the CVT can constantly change the gear ratio to maximize engine efficiency, effectively saving you fuel money. 

Alongside this, the CVT box is significantly lighter than a standard automatic box, improving design possibilities, economy, and allowing more space inside the vehicle. 

Because the CVT design is simpler and smaller it is significantly cheaper to the manufacturer. That means the cost of a vehicle with CVT is less than one with a regular automatic box. 

You’ll also note that the CVT is smoother to drive than a conventional automatic 

Issues To Be Aware Of

It should be noted that CVTs are better at fuel economy and efficiency but they are not good at handling power. That’s why they mainly appear on hybrid cars at the moment. 

If you’re used to driving older cars, whether automatic or manual, you’ll find that the CVT box feels very peculiar and there is limited feedback alone with what appears to be delayed reactions. This is because the engine can keep running at higher revs, going against your natural instincts as an experienced car driver. 

CVTs also need more maintenance and have a higher average repair bill. That’s worth noting.

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