CryptoA Beginners Guide: What is Crypto Wallet? 

A Beginners Guide: What is Crypto Wallet? 

The world is very vast. Several cryptocurrencies exist there. It becomes difficult to decide which cryptocurrency should be used to invest in for future security. Digital currencies are volatile. Therefore, their values go up and down very frequently. So before investing your earnings in crypto, you must set up a crypto wallet to avoid any discrepancy. The wallet is like a digital locker which needs access from its owner only who is carrying its private key. The working profile of a wallet is to store cryptocurrency in it. Users of crypto wallets either send their cryptocurrency to others or receive it from others. Bitcoin is a valuable currency that has grown in popularity, which is why you need to know about the risks surrounding the bitcoin space.

Working Criteria of Crypto Wallets 

Crypto wallets are available in two forms. Software and hardware. Each type of crypto wallet accesses its safety measures and functions accordingly. Although crypto wallets do not contain crypto currency in them. They have private and public security keys which are necessary for doing cryptocurrency transactions. The history of transactions is stored as a ledger on a blockchain. 

About Public Key

The public key is just like an account number in a bank. In the case of the public key, you can share it with others as it is a kind of string number. Your wallet will not be revealed to anyone in case you shared your public key with others. Another person can send you cryptocurrency after confirmation of your public key. 

About Private Key

The private key is not meant to be shared with anyone. This key can access your cryptocurrency on your blockchain. Therefore, it is very significant to secure your crypto wallet without sharing your private key with others. 

Sending Money from Your Crypto Wallet

Sending or receiving your money from the crypto wallet is as simple as someone asking you your address. In case you need to receive your crypto from others, use a private key to confirm the transaction from that actual person. Moreover, in case of an NFT transaction from a wallet to an NFT with a non-supporting wallet, in that case, your NFT may lose in the entire process. 

Crypto Wallet Types

Wallets like hosted, non-custodial and hardware wallets are mostly preferred by such persons who are involved in the crypto business. So let’s discuss these wallets:

Hosted Wallets

Wallets that are directly hosted in the crypto exchange business easily and without putting so much effort are known as hosted wallets. Hosted wallets are also known as exchange wallets. Kraken and coinbase hosted are the best platforms for hosted wallets. Firstly, hosted wallets are possible to operate with private keys and the second risky thing about them is that they can be hacked because their information is available online. Hosted wallets are not NFT-supportable. Hosted wallets are password safe. In case you lost your password, you can recover it from these wallets. 

Non-custodial Wallets

One more thing is interesting about non-hosted wallets: These wallets are third-party involvement free. These wallets are restriction-free as compared to other wallets. Crypto staking and NFT are also possible with this wallet. Since the control of Crypto is with you only, therefore it is very important to take care of your private key in the case of non-custodial wallets.  

Hardware Wallets

The third kind of wallet is a hardware wallet also known as a cold wallet. In this case, the private key used for these wallets is stored on the physical device which has both pros and cons itself. Because things stored on physical devices are not safe for a long time as the device may be lost or destroyed. In case you think about purchasing hardware wallets, ledger and trezor wallets are kinds of hardware wallets but they are paid. So you must buy a fresh wallet instead of buying a second-hand or old wallet due to security reasons. 

How to Set Up a Crypto Wallet?

To set up a crypto wallet, choose the kind of wallet and generate a password after giving your personal information. Sometimes you have to share your password to form a seed phrase. So wallet type must be chosen in such a way you don’t have to provide private information.

How to Choose The Best Crypto Wallet?

The final stage comes when you have to choose the best crypto wallet. Well in that case choose crypto according to your plans. For example, game supporting wallet should be chosen in case you want to use crypto for export. One of the best eSports cryptos is MetaMask as it is recommendable for all kinds of wallets. 

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