CryptoWhy Will The Crypto Revolution Not Be Public?

Why Will The Crypto Revolution Not Be Public?

Privatisation has been a revolutionary step taken by most governments worldwide. It means that the government entities going into losses are now handed over to the private companies to work. But it is a successful mechanism in some places, but others are significantly affected. Also, these effects are harmful because of which we can say that privatisation has positive and negative impacts on a nation’s economy. Talking about cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency revolution also has to be considered privatisation. Visit Bitprime Gold to trade bitcoin efficiently. 

Moreover, today, cryptocurrencies are privatised only. If you look in the future, if you think that cryptocurrencies can be public, it is a mere possibility for the same. However, it is believed that cryptocurrencies can never go public, and we should understand why.

The mechanism of cryptocurrencies is believed to be driven by private companies. It is because the government of every nation does not have sufficient technology to support the ecosystem of crypto coins. And there are other barriers as well. For example, if cryptocurrencies are going to the public, they must be appropriately regulated, so everyone can properly use them. Moreover, there are a lot of other things that leave the cryptocurrencies to be enabled to be added to the public system. Publicised things are referred to the properties and everything else, which comes under the government’s rules, and the government is not ready to accept cryptocurrencies. Apart from this, there are a few other things that we have to discuss in this post correctly and with correct details.

How will crypto be public?

Making cryptocurrencies public is something that is going to be very difficult for the government. However, changes need to be made to make the cryptocurrency ecosystem wholly publicised. The government must set some boundaries to make digital tokens like bitcoins publicly available for everyone. First of all, the government has to make sure that everyone is capable of investing in bitcoin; therefore, the valuation has to be decreased. Today, bitcoin is valued at more than $20,000, which is not a suitable value for anyone worldwide. Some people who cannot afford to use bitcoins will not get it. So, the government will control the valuation, and therefore, the common purpose of creating bitcoins will be served.

Moreover, bitcoin has to be published to be free of rules and regulations. When anyone uses cryptocurrencies, they will be using them under government control, and the government will also receive taxes on its income. Therefore, things are going to be even more complicated in the task of making it sophisticated for everyone. The government will also have to develop adequate infrastructure, increasing costs. Therefore, transaction costs will also be very high for even crypto coins like bitcoin.

Why cannot we make crypto public?

Making cryptocurrencies public will be a good step, but it will take a lot of time to make them public. It will come and go along with many complications as the government has to take a lot of part in it. Also, every government will be unable to accept the cryptocurrency ecosystem easily. They have to make a lot of changes in their infrastructure, which will also require a lot of costs. Not everyone will be willing to use cryptocurrencies; therefore, it also needs to be a very democratic decision for all nations.

Any nation in the world willing to accept cryptocurrencies will have to make changes in its infrastructure, which will require a lot of investment. Due to this, the cost of the infrastructure is going to increase, which is why the crypto pricing will also have to go higher. So even if it is going to be readily available for the people, it will be available at a higher price in the system and will reach back at the same level.

Apart from this, another major hindrance in publicising cryptocurrencies is that the purpose of making bitcoin will be demolished. Bitcoin is created to provide people with a financial medium that is out of government control. Still, if the public gets cryptocurrencies from the government, the main reason for making the BTC in the first place will not be accomplished.

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