Creadev: Supporting Positive Advances Across the Planet

Creadev: Supporting Positive Advances Across the Planet

  For many Americans reading this, food insecurity is not something thought about on a daily and personal level. The most prominent lesson of the recent pandemic is that we are not isolated as a worldwide community. It’s important for us to consider the needs of the rest of the planet and its quickly expanding population. Alexia Lingart is a Venture Capital Investor working with Creadev; both are deeply committed to making a substantial contribution to the quality of food that will be available in coming decades. The unique approach of Creadev is key to making this shift and the main factor in why Ms. Lingart chose to take on a lead role for the company. Creadev is funded by the Mulliez Family, allowing it to bypass the need for other investors who might demand to see returns on a specific timeline. Alexia has been one the key stakeholders for Creadev to invest in some of the most progressive ideas/companies in AgTech, Aquaculture, and FoodTech (these three being part of the Food vertical ). There’s a practicality that meets this greatly altruistic aspiration in Alexia’s work; one which models that no matter what our skills are, they can be harnessed for a better future rather than simply personal gain.. 

  An increasing global population requires more food. The pollution of waterways, decimation of pollinator population, and depletion of topsoil fertility means the sustainability of the current food supply system is in danger, to say nothing of its future. The only solution is to look for ways to alter current habits while simultaneously cultivating new possibilities. Alexia’s role at Creadev is to seek out promising new ventures in AgTech and FoodTech; ones which offer a solution to this complex situation. She follows these companies along their journey, supporting them and assessing their progress. From key hires to marketing strategies to facilitating synergy among theme, Alexia is a facilitator of the change that Creadev hopes to elicit across oceans and borders. No region or country is impervious to challenges yet they all must be approached in regards to their own unique circumstances. In Africa, where there is extensive arable land but investments in precision farming and modern agriculture are still low, Creadev has invested in Twiga (leading the $50m Series C funding), a food distribution marketplace intended to bridge the gap between farmers and vendors. Using a mobile-based-cashless supply platform that allows vendors to increase their profit margin and directly connect with farmers and manufacturers, Twiga has altered the future of retail in Africa. Creadev’s investments in Asia include Kebai (a China-based Agtech company providing agricultural Iot and cloud-based precision farming solutions), 0Growthwell (Singaporean portfolio of plant-based alternatives), and Wholly Moly, is steering the population to healthier and more plant-based tendencies. In the United States, Hungry Harvest (a start-up delivering left-in-field fruits and vegetables from farm to doorstep) is combatting food waste in which Creadev led the $14m Series A. Leading the $16m Series B and $55m Series C of Everytable and a $16m Series A of Salted, Creadev is propping up the goal to make healthy food available at highly affordable prices. 

  The unwritten rule has always been that we want our children to have an even better life than the one we had; this is impossible unless a calculated and viable plan is made concerning both the environment and the food we create and consume. At first glance, the situation seems contradictory; while obesity is on the rise, so is food insecurity. Access to food does not mean a healthy diet. According to the FAO and World Food Program, 800 million people suffered from hunger in 2020. Alexia Lingart feels passionate about her work with Creadev to counter these trends. She imparts, “Creadev is a unique and evergreen investment firm. Share, Dare, Care are crucial to our success as shareholders and deeply linked to the Mulliez family’s values: ‘People First’ and ‘Long-Term Commitment.’  The family did build leaders in the retail field, which gives us hope for the future that we can do the same. We have inherited their vision and their ecosystem. One of our main investment criteria relates to the mission of the start-up. It must have an impact on the people, land, and/or planet. The way we look at an investment opportunity is unique to me, because we do not have to think of an exit strategy at first, and we benefit from the Mulliez’s family business ecosystem.” 

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