MarketingCan You Get Your Employees Excited About Training?

Can You Get Your Employees Excited About Training?

Training opportunities in the workplace are vital. It helps employees upskill themselves and advance their careers.

However, not all workplace training initiatives are equal. How these prospects are presented is crucial as to whether or not they are successful with an employee. While stress can lead to people abandoning their posts, it’s been said that boredom can spur employees to leave their jobs much faster.

Are your training drives providing real value to a worker, equipping and motivating them to further push the boundaries of their roles? Or, is training in your business a boredom-inducing chore? Here are some ways to be on the right side of that line.

Use an Online Training Platform

One of the benefits of remote working is that trust is steadily strengthened between employer and employee. Workers have more control in scheduling their workload, and they’re exposed to less supervision and micromanagement tendencies.

The same approach should be taken to training. Encouraging workers to embrace these learning opportunities online, anytime, anywhere, gives them some much-needed flexibility in advancing their careers. They can pace their learning and not get overwhelmed by a supervisor bombarding them with a 50-slide PowerPoint presentation in a meeting.

Make things simpler for your workers by providing an easy-to-use online training platform with an ever-growing library of accredited courses. You can also use smart features to monitor and track worker progress, removing enterprise LMS admin fees. Streamline training processes. Request a quote from iHASCO or get started for free like tens of thousands of other businesses.

Tie Training to Promotions

Employees need to know that their training is leading somewhere. Once they can appreciate it for the stepping stone it should be, their attitudes toward these opportunities should change for the better.

After all, it was reported that internal recruiting was overlooked and underfunded by many businesses last year. It’s a great shame, particularly as talent acquisition strategies are proven to benefit enormously when hiring from within. Often, the talent is already there; it just takes training to help employees refine their skillset and unlock their full potential.

Ensure workers understand that their training will help them be more eligible for promotion and that what they learn can also apply to those higher-up roles. That way, they will be attentive as they navigate the courses and feel far more invested and enthused by them.

Incorporate Fun into Training Days

Smaller training bouts have their uses, ensuring employees only devote an hour or two to upskilling themselves if that. However, some roles demand that workers make a day of training. For example, teachers may be in it for the long haul or on their training days.

In these situations, building some events around the day’s training can be a good idea. Can you and your workers all head out on the lunch break together? Is there room in the schedule for ice-breakers and chatting? Remember, a day of training can be a draining slog if the atmosphere isn’t right, so try to keep people’s energy levels up and inject a bit of fun where you can.

These efforts can humanise the experience of training. It can build a sense of camaraderie as you’re all together and lifting each other up. Embrace that side of things.

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