EducationCampion College Degree Rated Australia's #1 BA

Campion College Degree Rated Australia’s #1 BA

Campion College Australia is one of the most highly-rated colleges offering Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees. It's Australia's only Catholic tertiary Liberal Arts institute offering a BA and a Diploma of the Liberal Arts. Furthermore, the college offers a Diploma of Classical Languages. 

Aside from the catalogue of quality programs available at the college, Campion boasts excellent scores on student satisfaction. The college performs well over the national average in all domains of rating student experience. Here is what makes Campion College Bachelor of Arts Degree rate highly.

Quality of educational experience.

The commitment to deliver the highest education standards is palpable at Campion. Students who enrol in any program are offered world-class education. The objective is to release graduates who are highly skilled and competent in their field of study. Furthermore, the college focuses on optimising each student's experience instead of taking a collective approach. This sets Campion apart from other learning institutions. 

Teaching quality. 

Campion is revered for offering some of the best teaching approaches. Furthermore, the quality of the teaching staff is unmatched. All the lecturers are highly skilled and have years of experience teaching college students. As a result, you learn from the best of the best.

Learner engagement.

Unlike other institutions of higher education, Campion promotes learner engagement. The college not only invites students to participate in discussions but also provides the right environment for engagement. The classrooms are designed to facilitate discussions. As a result, they are small to provide an excellent lecturer-to-student ratio and encourage thought-provoking discussions. This approach to learning is backed by studies that show students get more from lectures when engagement is high.

Learning resources. 

Campion College has abundant learning resources. The most significant is the experienced team of lecturers. Furthermore, the college has a modern library with unlimited resources. Students have access to over 26,000 items, including reference works, audio-visual materials, and rare works. Open Monday to Saturday, it offers additional useful services for submitting professional work.  

Student support.

What makes Campion College unique is the robust student support that looks to individualise education and ensure everyone has a rewarding experience. The college provides support through the Campion College Student Association (CCSA), the umbrella body representing college executive students. Furthermore, Campion has streamlined access to the administration and faculties to ensure students have an easy time reaching out for support. Finally, Campion has a proactive Chaplaincy that provides spiritual direction to students. The Chaplaincy offers daily mass, confessions, talks and retreats.

Skills development.

When you study at Campion, you will get a chance to develop rare skills and grow into an all-rounded individual. The college encourages students to be thinkers and problem-solvers on the academic front. The pursuit of excellence is inculcated in every student. Students are encouraged to engage in sports and maintain high fitness levels. Clubs and societies are also available to nurture skills in music, arts, poetry, film, theatre and other fields. 

Ultimately, engage in the Campion study experience, and you will leave a better, more rounded person.

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