BusinessBusinesses Need to Take Pest Control Seriously

Businesses Need to Take Pest Control Seriously

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Is there anything more unsettling than seeing a pest indoors? If you’re in someone’s home, it feels like a gross violation they need to take care of immediately. But if you’re in a business, it’s even worse, especially if it serves food.

Businesses with pest problems are subject to fines, lawsuits, and PR nightmares. Let’s check out a few ways the leading pest control specialists keep you safe.

People often wonder, ‘do mice bite people?’ Although uncommon, mice can bite when threatened, so it’s important to handle any infestation with care.

Custom Chemicals

The leading commercial pest control specialists make their own custom chemical solutions, ones that aren’t available in stores. Unlike the products you can find on store shelves, these solutions will kill all the pests rather than just dent their population.

When it comes to pests, half-measures won’t do. If you only kill some of the pests, in a short time, their population will grow back to what it was. Businesses can’t afford to take chances with chemicals that only work a little bit.

Health Canada Approves

Companies need to know that the chemicals they use against pests won’t harm the environment or any pets. How can they be sure they’re safe if these products aren’t produced commercially?

Custom chemical solutions should use ingredients approved by Health Canada. That way, customers and employees know that there won’t be any accidental harmful effects downstream.

Tailored Approach

The leading pest control companies take a tailored approach to every job. After all, no two sites are the same, so it makes sense that pest control also needs to be unique. 

The leading specialists can eliminate the presence of any pests. They can even help reduce the presence of birds in outdoor spaces in ecologically respectful ways. 

The company should be able to adjust its approach to fit your needs, whatever they should be. They should also be capable of doing a full range of services, from chute foaming to facility audits, odour control, and more.

Third-Party Compliance and Audit Ready

Companies need to be pest-free and prove compliance with anti-pest measures, which means complying with internal food auditing processes and other third-party requirements. Pest control specialists undergo extensive training and certification so they can do the treatments and pass any inspection or third-party audit. 

Licensed Experts Only

There’s a difference between someone with a knack for killing pests and an accredited expert. The best pest control specialists are licensed structural exterminators approved through the Ministry of the Environment. 

They should also stay on top of industry trends and best practices by undergoing training. Making and keeping your business facilities pest-free is too important a thing to leave to people who don’t have the highest levels of certification. 

Dedicated Account Managers

Finally, the best pest control specialists won’t just treat you like a number. There’ll be a team of people you know by name who personally care about your business’s success. 

Don’t hire a company that puts you on hold and makes it difficult to actually talk to someone. 

Pest can ruin a business in different ways. Between the health and image problems they cause, don’t take chances! Hire a pest control specialist who delivers on every point described above, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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