LifestyleBridal Box Experience: Top Stories From The Real Brides To Be

Bridal Box Experience: Top Stories From The Real Brides To Be

Do you know that becoming a bride doesn’t start when you say your vows? You warm up to that status from the day of the marriage proposal. Now, it’s common knowledge that ladies start dreaming of their fantasy wedding immediately after the proposal. They want the perfect dress, venue, hairstyles, decor, cakes, and more. How about a bride box? If you’re that girl, a bride subscription box will do you a world of good from the engagement until the honeymoon. It’s the planner that arrives before a wedding planner. So what are your bride to be box options? There are tons of bridal services out there, but miss to mrs box stands out. Don’t take our words for it, but let these exciting stories from brides blow your mind!

Easy planning, amazing experience

I’ve never had or handled a wedding before. So you could imagine my confusion about wedding planning after the engagement excitement died down. My sister piped in and said I needed a bride box, but I didn’t know what that was. She signed up for a monthly plan and I got the first box. Wow! It was bliss from then on because I felt like the themed boxes were telling me what to do at each stage. Starting with the first box, I found planners, notebooks, checklists, and tips and ideas that helped me. The “wedding day essentials” box contained items that helped me curate everything I needed for the big day. I forgot nothing. Every delivery filled me with more excitement and gave me ideas of how to proceed per time. For $37, I got the value of a lifetime.

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Full of hidden gems

The transition from miss to mrs was a delightful experience because of my bridal subscription box. The Ultimate bride box held hidden gems that I wouldn’t know I needed until it became an emergency. I received the most beautiful decor essentials which were perfect for the bridal shower. The pen, checklist, and planner made it easy for me to remember tasks and note down information. My necklace was the most beautiful and I showcased it at the rehearsal dinner. I didn’t remember to buy any jewelry for the dinner and it was just perfect. I’m never letting go of my knee-high socks and ring dish. They are too precious. Oh! The delivery was also prompt, all for $199.

Superior quality for a token

I went the whole nine yards, or let’s say nine themed boxes on the extended plan, and I have no regrets. I used everything in the boxes because they were of superior quality. The merchandise came in handy at various times. I wore my hat to the beach, tote bag for a date, robe on my wedding morning, and the shirt at my bridal shower. Easy peasy! The photo booth props, balloons, and banners helped me save decor money for the bridal shower. But the cake topper made it to my wedding. My bridal box subscriptions pumped me with ideas and inspirations. I could also write my vows in a proper vow book. Now, my favorite box was Keep Calm & Plan On. Think bathrooms, scrubs, bath salts, scented candles, and everything a girl needs for some pampering. I had the best time! Nothing was a waste and I can’t stop talking about miss to mrs.

They’ve got the best plans

I found the bride to be subscription box from miss to mrs five months before my wedding. I was stuck with the planning and confused. So it was a pleasant surprise when they worked something out for me. There are four actual plans (accelerated, extended, quarterly, and monthly). But you could get a one-off box or get something tailored for you. So even though I came in late, the bridal box gave me a sense of direction and clarity. The miss to mrs planning guide in my bride box for $30 was also a perfect addition. It contained advice, checklists, worksheets & comprehensive to-do lists to help me move at a quick pace. And oh! I saved money when I shopped from miss to mrs store at a 20% discount. I guess that’s the perk of being a subscriber. Miss to Mrs has my gratitude forever.

We’ve seen the wonders of the bride box from miss to mrs. Whether you want an engaged box, a wedding subscription box, or something for the honeymoon, check here. With quality items at the lowest rates, you won’t only live out your dream, but save money while at it.

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