BlogGet All Vehicle-Related Information: BMVM Login, Registration & Password Changing

Get All Vehicle-Related Information: BMVM Login, Registration & Password Changing

In the past 10 years, we have witnessed a lot of changes in the digital world, thanks to the rapid growth of the internet. You see, the internet has been a thing for so many years. However, it had taken a U-turn in the last few years.

From educational institutes to government offices, almost all sectors are getting online for providing a better service. Yes, you can find different state government departments that have a particular online portal.

When it comes to motor vehicles, we have to include Bihar Motor Vehicle Management System. Because of the outstanding service and simple features, BMVM login is getting popular day by day. However, there are so many things you can do, especially when you want to open an account.

In this guide, we will share the step-by-step BMVM login and registration process. Moreover, we will also share some crucial details including how to change the password. Keep reading to learn more.

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An Overview of BMVM

As we noted before BMVM stands for the Bihar Motor Vehicle Management System. This online portal is designed by the state government for the citizens of Bihar. In simple words, if you are from Bihar, you can get all vehicle-related information from this website.

From driving license to vehicle registration, you can get everything on one website. All you have to do is create a registration by providing the required details. Simply put, you don’t need to visit an RTO office to get details. Plus, you can apply for some services by using this website.

Why Should You Use a BMVM Portal?

bmvm patna login

Do you still have some doubts about using the BMVM portal? Well, in this case, we can clear everything out. First of all, when you make a registration, you don’t have to visit a nearby RTO office to get the information. 

On the other hand, the portal is quite easy to use for all users. You don’t need heavy tech knowledge to access the dashboard. Moreover, it’s pretty secure to use as the site was launched by the Bihar state government.

Top Advantages of Using BMVM Portal

Now, you know the basics of the BMVM portal. If you still have some doubts, let us clear everything out before we go to the guide section. Yes, this online portal has some amazing advantages. And we are sharing these benefits in the following list. Let’s find out:

Secure: The best part about this portal is it’s completely secure for users. As this portal was launched by the government, all information is secure. In fact, your data will be kept confidential on this website.

Time-Saving: Any online option is better than offline options when it comes to time-saving. In short, you can get all vehicle-related information without visiting your nearby RTO office.

Convenient: As we noted before, this portal is very easy to handle. Once you complete the registration process, you can access everything as per your requirements. Even though you are not a pro internet user, using this website will be easy.

Transparency: Another advantage of this online portal is it gives transparency. That means you can get all vehicle-related services in one place.

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Step-by-Step Guide on BMVM Registration

If you want to access the Bihar Motor Vehicle Management System, the first thing you have to do is complete the registration process. Well, the best thing is it takes less than 5 minutes and you can do it online by going through some easy steps. In the following guide, we will share each step to make the process simple:

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is open a reliable web browser from your device. In this case, you can use any device as per your preference.

Step 2: Once you open the web browser, you can search for the website. Or, if you have the link, directly paste it.

Step 3: As you search for the website, you have to click on the first search result to open the website.

Step 4: Next, the homepage of this website will be opened. Here, you have to click on the ‘Register’ option to start the process.

Step 5: As you click on that button, a new window will be opened. Here, you have to input all required details including your name, phone number, email ID, and password.

Step 6: Next, double-check all information before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. 

After completing these steps, your account is ready to use. Once the registration process is done, you have to go through the login process every time you use this website.

Step-by-Step Guide on BMVM Login

Now, you have an account. Each time you have to make a BMVM login to access your account dashboard. However, this is as easy as registration. Keep reading the following process to learn how to login into the platform:

Step 1: First, open your web browser from your device. Make sure you have a good and secure internet connection.

Step 2: Next, you have to search for the BMVM login on the search bar. Alternatively, you can also paste to make the process easier.

Step 3: As you see multiple search results, double-check and click on the first option to open the homepage.

Step 4: Once you open the homepage, you will find a separate login field to start the process.

Step 5: Next, you have to fill out all required details including your username and password.

Step 6: In the next step, double-check your information and click on the ‘Login’ button. It will open your account to access.

Once you input the right login details, the system will take you to the dashboard of the BMVM portal. Here, you can access all services. Remember, you can only complete this process if you are already a registered user of BMVM.

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How to Reset BMVM Password

Forgetting passwords is a common thing for everyone. If you have forgotten the BMVM password, don’t panic. We have a simple solution to restore your account by resetting your password. In the following guide, we will share every step you have to follow to change or reset the password. Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Just like the BMVM login or registration, you have to access the internet from a reliable web browser. Make sure you have a secure internet connection to use this website.

Step 2: When you get various search results, get the first one and click on the link to open the homepage. 

Step 3: As you open the homepage, the login page will be opened too.

Step 4: Now, if you can’t remember the password, you have to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button to start the process.

Step 5: Next, you have to input your registered mobile number or email address to restore your account.

Step 6: As you input your mobile number or email ID, the system will send an OTP. In this case, you have to click on the ‘Get OTP’ button.

Step 7: When you get the OTP on your mobile number or email, enter it and click on the ‘Verify’ option to continue the process.

Step 8: Now, you have to enter the new password and click on the ‘Submit’ option to complete the process.

After completing all these steps, your password will be changed. Make sure you keep the password safe for future login.

BMVM Support Team

When it’s an online portal, it’s common to face issues. Well, it’s the same with Bihar Motor Vehicle Management System. However, what we loved about this website is you can reach out to the technical support team 24×7. If you are facing an issue or have queries, reach out to the support team via email or phone call. 

Wrapping Up

In short, the BMVM portal is the best website when you need all vehicle-related information. We have covered everything you need to know including BMVM login, registration, and how to change the password. Still, if you need more information regarding this site, do some research online. Alternatively, you can also visit the official portal for a better understanding.


Q: Is BMVM a legal website?

Yes, the BMVM portal is completely legal. Still, if you want to put an extra layer of security, you can also use a VPN network while using this site.

Q: How to change the password of BMVM?

If you want to change the password, visit the official website of BMVM and input your registered phone number. Follow the steps as the system sends the OTP to your phone number or email ID.

Q: Does the BMVM portal have a support team?

Yes, BMVM has a support team and it’s available 24×7. You can reach out to the team via email.

Q: What are the requirements for BMVM registration?

If you want to register to BMVM, you have to input the required details including your name, phone number, and email ID. Plus, you have to input the password as well.

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