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Biodegradable Food Packaging Suppliers in Singapore

Developing the most ecologically friendly or permitted food packaging options can be challenging. It must be biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable, not to mention the security of your meals. Because of this, it’s crucial that you only purchase eco-friendly food packaging options from reliable vendors.

Getting the package correct in a cutthroat industry such as the food industry is crucial. It’s not only about being practical here; it’s about gaining an advantage over rival products on crowded store shelves. Regardless of the food product, always keep in mind that the package is what initially attracts customers.

Therefore, your brand may stand out among the other items in the store with the right food packaging. Additionally, it shields them from elements that could harm them physically, chemically, or environmentally. 

To match your company’s needs, choosing a reliable biodegradable food packaging supplier is essential. Here is a list of Singapore’s best food packaging businesses that provide the newest package designs.

QQ Studio 

The Singaporean firm QQ Studio is dedicated to creating, producing, and providing various food packaging service sector with custom pouches and bags. It boasts a clientele that includes Singapore Airlines, Nanyang Technological University and others .

The business offers both stock products and customized products for food packaging. Food pouches and bags such as zip lock pouches, side gusset bags, spout pouches, kraft packaging bags, and others are included in both categories.

QQ Studio gives customers the option of personalized packaging in addition to a variety of sustainable packaging made from materials obtained responsibly.


BioPak takes pride in providing the most eco-friendly and cutting-edge packaging because they were the first packaging firm in New Zealand and Australia to achieve carbon neutrality. BioPak offers a range of environmentally friendly packaging options that can meet the various requirements of an F&B business, including cutlery, napkins, and bags.

This ecologically friendly provider also provides personalized packaging so that companies may show off their environmental stewardship while owning brand recognition on their packaging.

Pack and Send

They provide packaging products and solutions for a variety of sectors. Additionally, they offer logistical, fulfilment, and warehousing services to businesses. In keeping with the title of their business, they also provide packing and repacking services to clients. Additionally, they export and import products such as packaging supplies. Their butler-like care with the greatest creativity and flexibility to meet your business requirements—think bespoke—sets them apart from the competition in the packaging industry.


It produces plastics acceptable for food packaging and distributes thermoformed trays made of common plastics. In Singapore, the firm runs several workplaces and plastics production facilities.

All participants—consumers, retailers, and third-party service providers—have the chance to develop and experience the greatest food packaging they deserve in the best possible quality, style, and condition for food safety.

Bags and Pouches

A division of the Swiss PAC worldwide business called Bags and Pouches produces a variety of food product packaging all around the world. The company serves the needs of the Southeast Asian market with a sales warehouse and office facilities in Singapore.

The Bags and Pouches company is associated with various significant food corporations, although not conducting direct commerce with merchants and traders. Due to their excellent quality control and prompt product delivery, they serve a sizable market.

Pack everything

This website, connected to Favor International and established in 1973, focuses on providing regional businesses and traders with industrial packaging. 

Under, the company experienced substantial growth in 2006 and became a top supplier of custom packaging options to e-commerce, merchants, and the industrial sector.

Pack Everything is always prepared to provide clients with a wide selection of pre-stocked, dependable, and useful solutions, easily accessible through both their physical and online stores.

Ban Teck Han 

They provide premium biodegradable food containers, an environmentally friendly substitute for Styrofoam, paper, and plastic. The greatest green standards are upheld by Ban Teck Han to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of their products.

Natural starches are used to make biodegradable products, which minimizes the quantity of polypropylene material needed. As a result, the carbon impact is greatly reduced, and price stability is improved. Their line of goods consists of bio-carrying bags, bio cutlery, bio cups, bio bowls, bio plates, bio trays, and bio lunch boxes.

Take away

We hope this information about Singapore’s leading food packaging businesses was useful. They offer specialized eco-friendly food packaging options to strengthen your brand identification and exposure while showcasing your dedication to the earth.

The Packing team in Singapore is ready to assist and supply examples of compostable food packaging. They work hard to give their customers the finest of everything, from the caliber of the biodegradable food cans to first-rate customer care, as among the best food packaging businesses in Singapore.

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