SoftwareBigTime – What Can You Do with the Software?

BigTime – What Can You Do with the Software?

BigTime software helps companies in different industries to track, budget, bill, and manage their time. If you haven’t heard about the software, this post is for you. There are many things your business can do with the BigTime software.

A Brief Overview about BigTime Software

BigTime software is ideal for:

● Accountants
● Engineers
● Architects
● Government agencies
● Legal affairs
● Marketing
● Consultants
● It companies

The software offers innovative tools you need for workflow management, billings, resource allocation, as well as project planning and monitoring. With this software, you can easily enter data and record time intuitively. Additionally, BigTime helps a lot in streamlining the workflows. Eventually, it helps you to improve the internal processes of your projects.
In addition, many BigTime reviews have mentioned that this software provides company administrators with an automated dashboard. This dashboard works well for review and management processes. You can use the reports and dashboards to analyze valuable resources. This way, you can find opportunities to improve employee efficiency.

The BigTime software also allows you to track the status of orders, budgets, and NTE amounts. What’s more, you can use this software to grow your business. Another great thing is, the software integrates seamlessly with tools such as QuickBooks and Salesforce.

Who Uses BigTime?

BigTime provides you with customizable timesheets. These timesheets work well to track important assets and billable times. With BigTime, consultants can easily adjust their invoices to their customers’ needs. The cloud-based platform offered by the software enables you to access secure data from anywhere. This can be done from a desktop or mobile application.

In addition, government agencies can also use BigTime software. This tool assists in generating custom reports for contract awards. Many businesses have admitted in BigTime reviews that they can use this software to monitor their projects. This way, they can work efficiently whether remotely or in the office. Meanwhile, lawyers can also use BigTime to track the costs, time, communications, and documents associated with a variety of issues.

Additionally, with this software, marketers can manage their budgets and staffing. They also can easily track the status of their projects.

In simple words, BigTime software is suitable for many.

What Can You Do with Bigtime?

BigTime software provides you with real-time reports

The reports make it easier for you to track your performance. You can use the built-in tools in BigTime to create and customize reports. As a result, you will easily:

● Identify the most profitable employees
● View scheduled tasks
● Measure billable utilization
● Improve project profitability

In a BigTime review, many companies have stated that this software assists them to manage the report permissions, user access, and sharing reports with different user groups. What’s more, you can also use BigTime to publish and share reports in multiple formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, and Excel.

Allows You to Increase the Number of People in Your Company

You can use this software to optimize resource allocation. This way, you can make informed decisions about your employees. The utilization dashboard you will find on BigTime software will give you insights into operations and HR metrics. Thus, you can always stay tuned and forecast resources. In addition, BigTime also allows you to track metrics by department or employee. Most importantly, it assists in developing visualizations to analyze the most important metrics.

Seamlessly Integrate Bigtime with Standard Productivity Apps

You will get many benefits by integrating BigTime with Quickbooks. From this integration, you can synchronize projects, invoices, timesheets, and optimize all the data.

Meanwhile, you can also integrate BigTime with SageIntacct. The integration will help you to synchronize projects, finances, accounting data, and your staff.

Or else, the integration of this software with Lacerte will enable you to monitor and manage the status of your tax returns.
Eventually, you can use the Salesforce integration of this software as well. This will help you to improve visibility into your budgets and production schedules.

The Dashboard Allows You to See the Status of All Projects in Real-Time

In BigTime reviews, many companies say that they can easily track project budgets, NDE amounts, orders, and set up tracking with the software. BigTime also helps them to allocate fees and funds to each project. Even better, the software gives administrators custom access. With this, you can control the security of your data.

Visually Manage Your Tasks Using Gantt Charts

With BigTime software, you can monitor all the project workflows. This can be done by using custom task types and statuses. In addition, the software allows you to measure all the progress and analyze chart gaps. As a result, you will be able to improve employee productivity and performance.

Flexibility to Easily Manage Your Billing Sets

You can always use BigTime software to customize invoice templates to match your brand image. With this software, you can automate expenses, billing rates, and time calculations.

You can also use BigTime to manage the cash flows of many billing templates. What’s more, you will be able to know the status of work in progress and easily predict revenue.

Improve Your Workflow

BigTime is ideal to be used when you need to review timesheets and avoid billing errors. With this software, you can approve expenses submitted to projects. Additionally, you can use its automated workflows to easily review, approve, and reject.
You will also get notifications when you need to modify, approve, or review reports. In the end, you can improve the accuracy of your team’s work and accelerate the progress of your projects.

Record Expenses in Real-Time

With BigTime software, you can track all the expenses as billable, non-billing, service charges, refundable, and non-refundable. The software helps you to easily adjust your credit card spending and billing.

The best part, you can also review, approve, and pay for submitted costs. The software also allows you to divide your expenses into summary lines and mark expenses.

Bigtime Pricing Plans

The best part about BigTime price is that the software offers various BigTime pricing plans for you to choose from. Here they are.

The Express plan

You can get this plan by paying $10 monthly which is billed annually to a minimum of 5 users.

The Pro plan

This plan requires a minimum of 5 users and will be billed for $30 per year.

The Premier plan

By paying an annual bill of $40 per month, you can get this plan for up to 10 users.
If you are interested to try BigTime software, you can get a 14-days free trial!

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