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Best Xbox Simulation Games to play on a Date

Are you a single who also loves their Xbox? Would you also like to get introduced to a love interest who you could enjoy partnering with – both on your consoles and after ‘game over’?! The top recommendation would be to check out a digital dating site or app. Here, you could get introduced to a variety of interesting and compatible singles. With discreet communication channels and welcoming chat rooms, you’ll soon find yourself creating shortlists of prospective partners for a hookup tonight. The virtual environment is perfect for creating chemistry. Soon, you’ll be keen to arrange a proper liaison, and when that happens, one suggested date night scenario would be an Xbox Simulation game. Here are some of the best ones you can currently play.

Kerbal Space Program

What better way to commence your date night than heading out into deep space? The essence of this Xbox simulation game is that you are immersed in the titular space program, an exploratory mission when your crew is a bunch of green human-like creatures or kerbals. You can take the controls and get involved in spaceship manoeuvres based on actual NASA-style missions, including hopping between different orbits or approaching space stations. As with the real thing, the object is to deal with sometimes complicated trajectories, while avoiding catastrophic failures (like running out of fuel).

Railway Empire

Here the setting is much more grounded – the USA at the turn of the 20th century. At the moment in history, the West has been opened up to expansion, and cities and towns are springing up all over the place. These new settlements require a strong railway network, which is where you come in. You can get into all sorts of exciting aspects of constructing railroads and the admin systems that go with them, hiring staff as you do so. Gameplay also allows you to unlock special features, such as new locomotives. If you’ve always fancied constructing a railroad from the East to West coasts, you can have a lot of fun giving this a go!


The simulation gameplay in this enthralling title involves delivering different items of cargo. This might seem like a fairly straightforward scenario, but the terrain is what makes the action unpredictable and full of tension. Each of the regions you come across as you are delivering stock has recently suffered a disaster. So, there are flooded areas to contend with, and also the aftermath of fuel leakages. As well as the main missions, there are impromptu side stories, which unfold according to a strict timer.

Cities: Skylines

Does being in charge of urban planning projects seem like the most inspirational Xbox game idea ever? Perhaps not, but the reality is that this game will soon have you chomping at the bit to return to the console. Imagine if you could control how the city or town where you live was moulded. Here, you can control everything from where road networks are placed to the taxation involved in raising the revenue for public transport. Getting your hands on multi-million dollar budgets can quickly become addictive.


Global temperatures have plummeted in the wake of a volcanic winter. A post-apocalyptic world where you are surrounded by hostile gangs or diseases-addled mutants? No! This game is far more prosaic, allowing you to deal with much more inspiring subjects. Are there survivors out there? How will you cope with the extreme conditions? What steps will you take to ensure the safety of the people coping with life in this dystopian wilderness? With different scenarios to explore, you’ll soon find this a terrific game night suggestion.

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