SoftwareBest Tools to Edit a PDF File Anywhere

Best Tools to Edit a PDF File Anywhere

Whether you are a business person, writer, teacher, or student, understanding the tools to edit PDF will improve your documentation and efficiency.

But with every PDF editing software developer claiming to have the best product, choosing a PDF file editor can be as confusing as solving a puzzle blindfolded.

So to aid your search for a reliable PDF editor, this article looks into the best tools you can use to edit a PDF file whenever and wherever. We also classify the editing tools according to their strengths, which is convenient for people needing instant answers.

Editor tools

Although there are several PDF editor tools on the internet, these particular ones are basic and give you premium quality at little or no cost.

Lumin PDF

With access to Google Drive, Lumin PDF is an asset to anybody regularly working with documents.

This tool has few rivals in the aspect of editing PDFs. It gives users maximum control over documents, allowing them to add or delete text, highlight, sign e-signatures, and annotate PDFs.

With a user interface built for the layman, Lumin PDF is fast becoming one of the most popular PDF editor for students.

Being one of the best PDF editor for students, you bet that Lumin PDF allows users access to some features for free. And its accessibility on all devices makes it impossible to overlook when choosing PDF editors.

PDF Buddy

If you are looking for a trusty online PDF editor, PDF Buddy will fit your requirements.

The developers of PDF Buddy understand that not everyone is comfortable downloading files from the internet and installing the apps into their devices because of the fear of viruses. They kept their product online to guarantee safety and speed when using it.

This online PDF editor lets you edit or replace text in a PDF, add images, highlight text on documents and annotate PDFs on a simple website.

As the name implies, you can count on PDF Buddy to solve your basic PDF editing needs.

PDF Escape

And as its name suggests, PDFEscape scales you from the trap of expensive or non-secure PDF software.

This tool’s strong suit is handling simple editing tasks like text manipulation, highlighting, and drawing on your PDF files. It also has a unique whiteout function and spell-checker. So with PDF Escape, you don’t need a dictionary by your side when editing documents.

What’s more? PDF escape is a user-friendly PDF annotator student can use to drop comments while reading documents they intend to revisit.

So if you are looking for the perfect editing software for students, only a few tools hold a candle to PDF Escape.

PDF Candy

This PDF editor is considered one of the best because of its free OCR feature. And with its ability to scan documents for text and replicate the contents of a PDF, its value to business persons and accountants is obvious.

How much better can this PDF editor free for students get? The short answer: a lot better.

Within PDF Candy, several features assist you in your editing journey. You can convert PDFs to editable Word documents and rest assured of data privacy since it stores all sensitive information on your computer’s local storage.

Finally, PDF Buddy uses straightforward controls, so you don’t have to waste time grappling with the features.

Merger tools

Even though the tools listed here excel because of their merging ability, they do more than PDF combinations. These PDF mergers can also edit, annotate and sign PDF files.

PDF Merge

As the name implies, PDF Merge prioritizes document merging and tailors its features to provide the smoothest PDF combination process.

PDF Merge is an outstanding PDF tool for students. As a student, there are times when you see valuable information concerning a particular file, but there are still loads of unnecessary information you should discard.

You can extract the essential pages you want and add or combine them to make a whole new document using PDF merge.

You can also combine PDFs into one accessible file, helping you monitor documents and decide which ones are worth keeping.


Soda PDF is a PDF editor that can help you combine files stress-free. 

Without registration requirements, you can easily merge your files online and continue working on your other activities. Also, this tool is one of the fastest on this list, making it a major productivity booster.

The best part is that you can use this PDF editor for students free of charge, which will appeal to people who don’t want to spend money to merge PDFs.

Converter tools

When working on documents, conversion tools can quickly help you switch file formats like Word, Excel, HTML, texts, etc. But not all PDFs convert documents properly, which is why the following converter tools deserve a shout-out for excelling in that regard.

Free PDF Converter

If you are looking for a free PDF editor for teachers to reduce their workload, then PDF Converter deserves your attention.

Teachers can quickly convert PDFs to different formats on Free PDF Converter when creating assignments for students. Depending on how they want students to interact with the document, teachers can make PDFs editable or convert them to fillable forms.

Don’t worry about annoying lags if you are using an older laptop or desktop, as you can access this PDF editor for teachers from any internet-enabled device.


Teachers need access to scholarly resources to update their knowledge. But since many online resources are in PDF format, editing them for personal use is tricky.

With Xodo, you can easily convert any document to a different file format while retaining the quality and preventing content distortion.

The best part is that Xodo PDF Reader and Editor costs nothing, so you need not worry about burning a hole in your wallet when managing documents.

Compressor tools

Some tools specialize in compressing and converting documents to ease storage and collaboration.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular editors and was the best PDF editor for a long time.

Being the first originators of PDF editing software, the developers have ensured that this PDF tool stands out in all ramifications. Its compression abilities are second to none, as it retains your document’s quality throughout the process.

And being an online and offline tool that syncs across devices, Adobe Acrobat is helpful for teams and people looking to collaborate on documents.

Small PDF

Small PDF has many noteworthy features, but its compression tool stands out. Although its user interface can be confusing, the quality of results you get after compressing a PDF is top-notch.

Small PDF is one of the best free PDF editor for students as it works well on Android and iOS devices.

So if you’re looking to meet up with file size requirements when uploading documents, this editor will get the job done.

Although to enjoy the full benefits of Small PDF, you need to pay; its services are worth every dime you spend.


Many PDF tools claim to be the best but fall short of the mark upon closer examination. However, a few are reliable and worth recommending to the average consumer.

The PDF editors outlined in this article have a complete suite of features, are easy to use, and excel in different categories.

So if you are looking for the best PDF software for students and teachers, you can’t go wrong with any of the editors in this article. Just pick one based on the feature you need, and rest assured of consistently desirable results.

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