BlogBest Smodin Alternative: HIX.AI

Best Smodin Alternative: HIX.AI

HIX.AI is a powerful and comprehensive alternative to Smodin, offering a wide range of specialized rewriting tools, an all-in-one browser extension, and a robust document editor. Compared to Smodin, HIX.AI provides a more comprehensive solution for all your writing needs.

Pricing and Language Model

When it comes to pricing, HIX.AI offers different tiers ranging from $19.99 to $129.99 per month, while Smodin’s pricing ranges from $8 to $29 per month. Both platforms offer different pricing options to cater to different user needs.

In terms of language models, HIX.AI is powered by GPT-3.5/4, which provides high-quality output. On the other hand, Smodin leverages GPT-4 and more language models, although it does not specify which ones.

AI Writing Tools and Supported Languages

HIX.AI, the best alternative to Smodin, stands out with its extensive collection of AI writing tools, offering over 120 tools to assist you in your writing process. In comparison, Smodin provides around 20 AI writing tools. This vast array of tools in HIX.AI enables users to perform various writing tasks efficiently.

When it comes to supported languages, HIX.AI supports over 50 languages, while Smodin supports over 100 languages. However, it is essential to consider the quality of the output when evaluating language support. While Smodin supports more languages, HIX.AI focuses on providing high-quality output in the supported languages.

Features: Article Rewriter, Video to Article, Paraphrasing Tool, Brand Voice, Bulk Processing

HIX.AI offers several unique features that set it apart from Smodin. These features include an article rewriter, video to article conversion, a paraphrasing tool, brand voice customization, and bulk processing capabilities. These tools enhance the user’s ability to rewrite, repurpose, and optimize their content effectively.

Features: Long-Form Article Writer, Supported Article Types, Content Backed by Credible Resources

HIX.AI provides a long-form article writer tool, enabling users to generate in-depth and comprehensive articles. Additionally, HIX.AI supports eight different article types, such as Amazon Product Roundups, Single Amazon Product Reviews, Product Comparisons, and more. The content produced by HIX.AI is backed by credible resources like top Google search results, Google News, and Amazon product pages.

In contrast, Smodin does not specify its support for long-form articles or different article types, making HIX.AI a more versatile alternative.

Features: SEO-Friendly Content Creation, Up-To-Date Content Creation, ChatGPT-Like Chatbot

HIX.AI excels in creating SEO-friendly content that is optimized for search engine performance. Its AI-powered algorithms ensure that the content is not only keyword-rich but also well-structured and tailored to meet SEO requirements.

HIX.AI also focuses on providing up-to-date content by leveraging current information available online. This ensures that the content generated by HIX.AI is accurate and relevant, helping users stay ahead of their competition.

The ChatGPT-like chatbot in HIX.AI provides valuable assistance by offering real-time guidance and support on various subjects. Users can rely on the chatbot to provide precise answers, support, and guidance, making the writing process more efficient.

Features: Web Access, Image Generation, Accessibility, Chat with PDF, YouTube Summarizer, Webpage Summarizer

HIX.AI offers web access through its web app and a Chrome browser extension, providing users with a seamless experience across different online platforms. This accessibility allows users to access HIX.AI’s AI-powered writing tools and features wherever they are.

HIX.AI also includes image generation capabilities, which is particularly useful for creating visual content for social media platforms and other online channels.

Accessibility is a key focus for HIX.AI, as it is accessible through both the web app and the Chrome browser extension. This accessibility ensures that users can easily access and utilize HIX.AI’s features without any limitations or restrictions.

Additionally, HIX.AI allows users to have conversations with PDF files, enabling them to extract information and generate content based on the content of the PDF.

HIX.AI provides a YouTube summarizer feature, which allows users to generate concise summaries of YouTube videos. This feature saves time by providing a quick overview of the video’s content.

HIX.AI also offers a webpage summarizer, allowing users to generate summaries of webpages, making it easier to extract relevant information and create content based on the webpage’s content.

Features: AI Document Editor, Writing Modes, 1-Click Google Docs Export, 1-Click WordPress Export

HIX.AI provides an AI document editor that goes beyond what traditional document editors offer. With features like AI mode, chat mode, and power mode, users can quickly write, edit, and format their content. Users can switch between these modes to access different AI-powered writing tools and features, making the writing process more efficient.

HIX.AI allows users to export their content to Google Docs with just one click, streamlining the workflow and enabling seamless collaboration with others.

Similarly, HIX.AI offers 1-click WordPress export, allowing users to publish their content directly to their WordPress websites without any hassle or additional steps.

Features: Chatbot Assistance, AI Writing Templates, Integrated AI Availability, Plagiarism Check, Grammarly Integration

HIX.AI includes chatbot assistance, providing users with instant support and guidance for their writing tasks. The chatbot can offer suggestions, provide information, and assist users throughout the writing process.

With 120+ AI writing templates available, HIX.AI simplifies the content creation process by offering pre-designed templates for various purposes. These templates can be customized to meet specific requirements, saving users time and effort.

HIX.AI leverages integrated AI availability, making it easy to access AI tools and features within the platform. This integration streamlines the writing process and provides users with seamless access to various AI-powered writing aids.

To ensure the originality of the content, HIX.AI includes a plagiarism check tool. Users can check their content for any similarities to existing content and make necessary revisions to maintain the integrity of their work.

Furthermore, HIX.AI integrates with Grammarly, a popular grammar and spell-checking tool. This integration enhances the quality of the content generated by HIX.AI by providing users with additional grammar and spelling checks.

Features: All-in-One Browser Extension, Work in Chrome and Edge, Work in Social Media, Work in Email, Work in Google Docs

HIX.AI offers an all-in-one browser extension, providing users with easy access to the platform’s AI-powered writing tools and features directly within their browser. This extension works seamlessly in popular browsers like Chrome and Edge, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

HIX.AI enables users to work across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube. Users can effortlessly create content for these platforms using HIX.AI’s features and tools.

Moreover, HIX.AI supports content creation in email platforms, particularly Gmail. Users can enhance their email writing process using HIX.AI’s AI-powered tools and write engaging and effective emails.

HIX.AI is also compatible with Google Docs, allowing users to write, edit, and format their content within the familiar Google Docs environment. Users can seamlessly integrate HIX.AI’s features with Google Docs for a more productive writing experience.

Features: Search Engine Enhancement, Quick Lookup Toolbar, Browser Sidebar, Chatbot Integrated, AI Email Writer, Email Templates, Summarize Emails, Suggest & Write Replies, Tones of Voices

HIX.AI offers search engine enhancement, optimizing search results and providing users with more comprehensive and accurate information. This feature enhances the research process and helps users find relevant information quickly.

The quick lookup toolbar in HIX.AI enables users to access a variety of AI tools and features without leaving their writing environment. This toolbar allows users to rewrite, expand, shorten, and explain text on the go, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

HIX.AI includes a browser sidebar that provides quick access to the HIX.AI ChatGPT sidebar, a more versatile alternative to the Bing sidebar. Users can access chatbot assistance, AI writing templates, and other features from the sidebar, enhancing the writing process.

The chatbot integrated within HIX.AI provides instant support and assistance to users. Users can rely on the chatbot for quick answers, suggestions, and guidance throughout their writing tasks.

HIX.AI features an AI email writer, allowing users to compose emails at a much faster rate. This tool assists users in crafting engaging email subject lines and body content, saving time and effort.

The platform also offers a selection of email templates, providing users with pre-designed templates for various purposes. Users can choose from these templates and adapt them for their specific needs, simplifying the process of writing emails.

HIX.AI includes the ability to summarize emails, allowing users to quickly get an overview of email contents and extract important information efficiently.

Additionally, HIX.AI’s suggest & write replies feature generates suggestions for email replies, making it easier for users to compose responses efficiently.

HIX.AI offers various tones of voices for writing customization, allowing users to adapt their writing style for different purposes and target audiences.


In summary, HIX.AI is a comprehensive alternative to Smodin, offering a wide range of AI writing tools and features, extensive language support, and a user-friendly interface. With its robust document editor, all-in-one browser extension, and vast selection of tools, HIX.AI provides a more comprehensive and efficient solution for all your writing needs. Whether you need to generate content, rewrite articles, optimize for SEO, or enhance your writing workflow, HIX.AI has you covered.

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