AutoBest Money Transfer App to Send Money from Africa to USA

Best Money Transfer App to Send Money from Africa to USA

Sending money from Africa to the USA has become a lot easier over the years thanks to money transfer apps. But often choosing the right money transfer app isn’t easy. This is not because they are rare, but rather because they are just too many. That is why we are here to help you make that critical decision. So, which money transfer app can you count on fully to send money from Africa to the USA?

Most of us need to send money to the USA at some point. Maybe you have a child studying there and need to support them. Or you have business partners and need to pay a share of the costs of running business. Whatever the case it is, a money transfer app will come really in handy. Making an international transfer using a bank can be rather costly. Money transfer apps are more convenient and even cheaper than using banks for international transfers. What’s more, some of them even give you offers from time to time. Thus, you get to save a lot.

The once stressful process of transferring funds internationally is now painless thanks to the presence of money transfer apps. Since the money transfer service is growing exponentially, it might be really hard to get the right option just at a glance of your internet search. That is why we will point you to the direction of the best money transfer app that you can find in the market right now.

What to Consider When Choosing a Money Transfer App

Before going over the available options, there are certain things that you need to consider when choosing a money transfer app. Finding the best one will depend on the currencies you intend to use, among other important factors. There isn’t a one size fits all kind of solution. Some of these important factors that you need to have in mind include:


There’s no point choosing a money transfer app that’s vulnerable to online attacks from cybercriminals. You don’t want to lose your money even before it gets to the recipient. Thus, it would be necessary to check if the app has several layers of technology and sophistication that will ensure the safety of your funds all through.

Transfer Cost

This is second to security. The reason you’re choosing to use a money transfer app is because it is supposed to be cheaper than a bank. When the difference is the same, you need to reconsider your options.

If you have already made an international money transfer before using a bank, you certainly noticed how low the final amount the recipient received was. This is because the transfer fees and mostly hidden charges eat into the amount you have sent. You can save these funds by choosing a cheaper option that is transparent. Preferably choose one that uses the mid-market rate and doesn’t charge any hidden fees.

Transfer Speed

Sometimes you need to send funds over to someone in the USA quickly. Probably they need it for an emergency expenditure that just came up. Apps are not the same when it comes to transfer speed.

Some money transfer services have sophisticated systems that allow them to offer same-day or instant transfers – others don’t. Therefore, you need to find out from their site how fast they can deliver the transfer in question. Also, you need to find out if they update their customers on the progress of the transaction through and through.


Lastly, we will advise that you consider your location when selecting a money transfer app. Not all money transfer services are available globally. The one you plan to use might not even be present in your country or the destination country.

Preferably, choose an app with a wide geographical coverage and network. Also, you need to check if they permit the currencies that you intend to use in the transfer.

Best Money Transfer App to Send Money from Africa to USA – Afriex

Now we’ve come to the point where we will point you directly to the app you can confidently use to transfer funds from Africa to the USA. Our pick is Afriex money transfer app.

Afriex might be a new kid on the block but the kid is growing fast. Many are continuously trusting this service to send funds not just within the African continent, but outside as well. Afriex uses high-tech systems to ensure that your funds are always safe from the preying eyes of cybercriminals online.

The speed of transfer is equally fast using Afriex. And in case of any delays, you can reach their customer service team for a speedy assistance. In terms of fees, Afriex has one of the most affordable international money transfer services.

Final Thoughts

In summary, that’s how we arrived at the choice of Afriex as the best money transfer app to send money from Africa to the USA.

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