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AT&T U-verse TV Channel Number for US Audience

Many programs on the AT&T U-verse TV channel Number are available for US viewers. Audiences may watch their favorite movies, TV series, and sporting events on many channels. With a wide range of content to suit various interests, AT&T U-verse offers everything from specialty programming to well-known network channels.

In addition, AT&T U-verse TV works with smart TVs so that users may enjoy their preferred shows and movies without a traditional cable connection. This flexibility allows you to explore a variety of entertainment alternatives and is convenient. AT&T U-verse TV offers something for everyone, whether watching a popular series on Netflix, keeping up with the latest news, or viewing a live sporting event. This blog will tell you about AT&T U-verse channel numbers and the many categories in AT&T U-verse.

Sample Channel Numbers

Here are some notable channels, along with their numbers:

Channel Number (SD)Channel Number (HD)Channel Name
11000Local News
931093U-verse Games Channel
1011101PEG Access

Channel Categories

AT&T U-verse TV channel numbers are arranged into many groups. Let’s investigate more closely:

1. Entertainment Channels

  • Channels 1–99 in SD and 1000–1099 in HD

2. News and Information Channels

  • Channels 100–199 (SD) and 1100–1199 (HD).

3. Channels for Education and Lifestyle

  • The channels are 200–299 (SD) and 1200–1299 (HD).

4. Channels for Sports

  • Channels 300–399 (SD) and 1300–1399 (HD)

5. Film Channels

  • Channels 400–499 in SD and 1400–1499 in HD

6. Kids’ and Family Channels

  • The channels are 1500–1599 (HD) / 500–599 (SD).

7. Channels for Music

  • Channels 600-799 (SD) and 1600-1799 (HD).

8. Premium Channels

  • Channels 800-999 (SD) and 1800-1999 (HD)

Channel Numbers

For your convenience, the following is a brief list of AT&T U-verse channel numbers:

CategorySD Channel NumberHD Channel Number
News and Information100–1991100–1199
Lifestyle and Education200–2991200–1299
Family and Kids500–5991500–1599
Premium Channels800–9991800–1999

On-Demand and Premium Programming

In addition, U-verse provides premium channels and on-demand programming. To explore more alternatives, use the U-verse app or view the channel selection online. You may enhance your TV bundle by utilizing the U-verse TV Account Manager and tuning to Channel 9910. 

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For instance, you may rent a well-known film using the on-demand function if you want to see it, even if it’s not currently showing. Additionally, you may watch blockbuster films and unique material by subscribing to premium networks like HBO or Showtime.

PDF of the U-verse Channel List

Download the PDF of the U-verse TV channel list here for your convenience. Keep tabs on your preferred networks and apprise yourself of forthcoming programming. With its on-demand and premium programming selections, U-verse has you covered, whether you’re looking for the newest big-budget film or an incredibly addictive TV show. 

You may search through an extensive range of material on the U-verse app or website with only a few clicks to locate something you like. Additionally, using the U-verse TV Account Manager on Channel 9910 to upgrade your TV package is a simple way to enhance your viewing experience. Download the U-verse TV channel list PDF to ensure you don’t miss your favorite shows. 

Do smart TVs need cable?

A cable connection is not necessary for smart TVs by design. They may access the content through applications, streaming services, and the Internet. However, you’ll need a cable or satellite TV subscription to view regular cable channels.

AT&T U-verse is an IPTV service that offers broadband internet, IPTV, and IP phones. Nevertheless, AT&T announced in April 2020 that new customers will only be able to get TV service through AT&T TV1, not U-verse. You may look up specific channel numbers by examining the U-verse TV channel number based on location. 

Can I watch live sports on AT&T U-Verse TV?

Of course! With live sports coverage available on AT&T U-verse TV, you can watch your favorite games and events. You may watch live sports on U-verse in the following ways:

  • ESPN with the WatchESPN App:
  • Customers with U-verse TV may watch ESPN live from any location on any computer, tablet, smartphone, or connected device by using the WatchESPN app.
  • Gain access to programs including SportsNation, Mike & Mike, Pardon the Interruption (PTI), and SportsCenter.
  • Savor the NBA regular season and postseason, Major League Baseball, X Games, collegiate football and basketball, international soccer, The Masters, The Open Championship, and all four Grand Slam tennis events.
  • U-verse Sports Package:
  • You may watch live local sports coverage on U-verse TV, professional sports networks, and collegiate sports stations.
  • Golf Channel, Fox Sports, NFL Network, NBA TV, and MLB Network are among the available channels. k.
  • NBA Games on AT&T TV NOW:
    • If you’re an NBA fan, consider AT&T TV now. The Plus Plan includes all NBA games on ABC, ESPN3, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV.
    • Upgrade to the Max Plan to watch your local team play ($80/month).
  • The U-verse app is more.
  • With the U-verse app, you can bring the U-verse experience. Utilize the app as a remote control, manage your DVR, and watch live and on-demand TV4.
  • Streaming sports videos, U-verse offers on-demand sports programming, including premium films, pay-per-view performances, and more.

U-verse TV covers you whether you’re a basketball, football, golf, or other sports fan. Pay attention and take in the thrill!

What is the difference between U-verse and DirecTV?

Although AT&T U-verse and DIRECTV both own service providers, they differ significantly. Let’s investigate these variations:

  1. Availability:
    • DIRECTV is accessible in every state in the Union. Popular in distant or rural places, satellite reception requires a good view of the southern sky.
    • U-verse TV is accessible in a few areas, mainly in California, Nevada’s Midwest, and the South. Location determines availability.
  2. Service Type:
    • A TV service via satellite is called DIRECTV. It uses satellites to broadcast encrypted signals over a vast region from a central place.
    • DTV that requires an internet connection is called U-verse TV. It provides your set-top box with television channels via an internet connection.
  3. Contract Duration and Pricing:
    • DIRECTV: A two-year contract is necessary. It provides an extensive selection of sports channels. The cost rises beyond the first year.
    • U-verse TV only needs a one-year commitment. After the first year, prices rise, but they stay the same the following year. It boasts a significant number of channels.
  4. Channel Lineup:
    • Over 550 live TV channels are available with U-verse TV, which lets you record up to four shows simultaneously.
    • DIRECTV: With the Genie HD DVR3, you may record up to 200 hours of material in addition to over 330 live and local channels.
  5. Sports Coverage:
    • DIRECTV: Perfect for sports fans. Includes an NFL Sunday ticket with unrestricted access for customers who have purchased the Choice Package or above.
    • U-verse TV provides many channels, with exciting selections like Showtime and Starz.

So, DIRECTV could be a better option if you like sports programming and are prepared to sign a two-year commitment. On the other hand, U-verse TV can be a perfect choice for you and your family if you want a one-year commitment, many channels, and a TV that depends on the internet. When choosing, keep your tastes and geographic area in mind!


With the wide range of channels offered by AT&T U-verse TV, viewers can be sure to find what they want to watch. U-verse provides many entertainment options, including family-friendly television, premium entertainment, and news updates. With U-verse, you may explore the channel selection, find new shows, and improve your TV experience!

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