With an EMR solution that allows you to focus on providing care, wherever you are, Athena Software EMR puts your patients at the heart of your practice. This cloud-based medical records software lets doctors coordinate patient care, process documents more quickly and precisely, and enhance your practice operations for future success. Along with front-office billing features, Athena software offers full patient charting, scheduling, telemedicine, and e-prescribing facilities, as do all of the leading medical software vendors. Athena Software is unique in that it takes a consultative approach to practise management and reporting. It is FindEMR’s top selection for reporting, with nearly infinite filters on its reports and key performance indicator (KPI) comparisons to similar practices in its huge network. Users can review the daily schedule and patient information, manage orders, and view incoming lab results on the athena EHR.


The practice management software from Athena software combines web-based software, a vast rules database, and back-office services to process claims until they are settled. You don’t have to pay anything to Athena until your claims are settled, which is a huge benefit of this service. There are no hidden fees or start-up charges. You don’t pay until your insurance company has settled your claims. The web-based software automates the process of receiving and processing claims. Claim tracking, denial management, and patient eligibility checks are all part of the platform.

The EMR process is both efficient and mobile friendly. Your physicians and employees can focus more on patient care and less on screen time thanks to intuitive processes and an integrated mobile app. Process faxes and scanned documents quickly and easily, then attach them to the relevant patient record. Workflows that are intuitive and automated save time, allowing your employees to concentrate on your patients. Take use of a network of over 160,000 providers to get relevant and timely recommendations at the point of service.

Core Features of Athena Software

  • Stay organized: The Athena Software helps you plan your day by displaying your inbox, pending tasks, and patient calendar all in one place.
  • Better intake experience: Your workers will be able to complete intake activities swiftly and effectively thanks to the seamless intake experience.
  • The patient exam is a natural and simplified process, allowing doctors to rapidly examine the intake information and begin the exam with a click of a button.
  • Patient information is prominently displayed: On a single screen, you may see your patient’s reason for visit, intake data, and future orders.
  • Documentation that is both quick and accurate: Text macros, speech-to-text, and specialty-specific templates help to speed up and improve the accuracy of documentation.
  • Order entry and referrals: Order entry and referrals are simple and rapid.

Patient Communications: Patients have access to Athena Software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients can send email or use online messaging to contact with their doctor’s office. For patients who require nurse triage after hours, Athena Software at FindEMR offers an after-hours phone service. Furthermore, it will assist patients in remembering booked appointments, decreasing no-shows and missing patient visits. A soft collections approach for recovering patient bills is also included in this service.

Athena Software also includes the following:

  • a patient web portal with live operator services an automated messaging platform
  • a programme that reminds people to pay their bills.

In any case, it is a fantastic tool for streamlining the inner workings of your practise, as well as patient communication and claim monitoring. Just don’t expect a single programme to take care of all your administrative responsibilities. No programme, no matter how you look at it, will be able to eliminate all of your troubles. Make sure you keep track of your reports, cash inflows, and outflows to ensure the programme is profitable.


  • The billing module has a proprietary and constantly updated rules engine that is used in conjunction with the EHR or on its own. Visibility into daily tasks, custom benchmarking, proactive trend analysis, and other medical practice management tools are available. Patients can use a patient portal to go through their medical records, pay bills, sign paperwork, and make appointments. Reminders can be sent by phone, email, or text message, and patients can be notified when their test results are ready through the patient portal.
  • It provides a full range of athena software services, including medical billing, software setup, training, support, IT assistance, and security, among others. Its extensive knowledge enables us to provide the most complete and high-quality athena medical billing services to fill in the gaps and handle the billing activities that your clinic regularly does.
  • Claims may be easily accessed and edited. On a single page, update patient details, insurance information, and billing codes. Claims revisions are simple: your team just amends the claim, and the Athena software re-sends the updated claim to the payer, tracking it until it is paid.
  • It avoids denials by identifying missing modifiers, proactively searching for insurance coverage, and preventing age mismatch denials.


  • Calculate your own statistics to see how many claims you send each year, what your typical yearly reimbursement is, and how much money you have to spend on a new practice management system.
  • Another downside to consider is that your office would lose control over the claims processing.
  • This might be a blessing in disguise. You won’t have to spend time correcting, refiling, or appealing claims, but you won’t be able to know which claims have been refused, appealed, or refiled.
  • In this circumstance, your office will constantly be at risk of losing claim control.

The EMR Athena Software starts at $140 per provider, each month. This indicates that a five-physician firm would spend at least $700 per month ($8400 yearly). The cost of migrating up to 1000 patient records and holding two sessions of staff training would add $1000 to the first year’s expenditures, bringing the total to at least $9400.

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