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Assessing the Homework Time – The Inherent Risks and How It Impacts a Child

Doing something repeatedly and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity. The statement precisely defines the current status of American schools handling the homework issues.

Homework has become a nightmare not only for the students but for their families too. Families and students face a time crunch to adjust a balance between their lives and work. 

Finding time and expertise to devote to your child’s homework becomes difficult at times. However, you can seek expert help from websites like to help your child with homework and get solutions quickly from professional tutors. You will find solutions for several subjects that can help save your and your child’s time.

This article highlights the current status of assessing homework time and the inherent risks.

Too Much Homework Leads to Anxiety?

Many children often face difficulty in handling different equations. They have a negative emotional reaction towards mathematics which ultimately impacts their achievement.

There is a growing anxiety level among the children that impacts their performance. However, a crucial aspect worth mentioning here is that data suggests the outcome of peers’ performance affects their performance more than that of their own. Independent studies show that anxiety levels are much higher in a classroom predicting the marks of others.

Your child’s achievement can get significantly impacted by their peer group’s emotional state. Policymakers, teachers, and parents must consider a child’s emotional state and ability while studying.

Maths Anxiety

Anxiety relating to mathematics is a concern across the globe. It refers to the anxiety of a student solving a mathematical problem in a given academic scenario.

There are extreme cases of mathematics anxiety in students affecting up to 6% of those in secondary schools. There are also instances where a child can face maths anxiety and not show any symptoms. In general, the tendency to express maths anxiety is higher in females than males.

A crucial aspect to mention here is that this anxiety is different from dyscalculia. Such a condition generally leads to a person facing difficulty understanding numbers or losing cognitive recognition.

A point worth mentioning is that such anxiety does not link to a person’s ability. A study reveals more than 75% of children with high maths anxiety were achievers in their classes. The limiting factor can come into play only under certain contexts and situations.

Risk of Wrong Assessment

Various studies suggest that homework beyond a certain number of hours is ineffective. Schools and educational institutions continue to allocate a large amount of homework every day.

Most teachers commit to allocating manageable student homework. However, in reality, they are unaware of the time required to complete the homework by the students. Also,

  • How can the teachers stipulate the number of hours needed to complete homework?
  • Do teachers do the assignment first themselves to check the time?
  • How can teachers allocate the time to each student to complete the homework based on their ability?
  • Is there any mechanism put in place that helps quantify a student’s time to think, process, and respond to a question?

The impact of wrong assessment of the time required to complete a particular assignment ultimately burdens the student. The resultant action can be the development of hatred towards the teachers or the system in general among the students. 

Value of Spare Time

Most teachers often argue the importance of multitasking. They even suggest saving time by staying away from social media can help get the work done in time. However, this argument does not have any data backing it, and it has a dangerous pretext that young people are experts at wasting their time.

Such assumptions miss the importance of relaxation and socialization on the development of a young adult. Having a packed schedule with homework and extracurricular activities does not allow the students to relax and connect with others. It can have a devastating impact on students’ minds, making them distant from their friends and family.

So, it is high time for the school authorities to take responsibility for homework’s impact on a child’s life. It can be a beneficial tool to the point these minds capture the concepts, and beyond that, it is just a waste of effort and time. Overburdened and stressful situations can only harm their performance. Although there are solutions that can help tackle the burden.

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