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How To Apply For Sassa SRD R350 Application

The grant that costs Rs. 350 per month is dedicated to distressed families who need this at any effort. Currently, more than 10 million people are getting this benefit. In February, President Cyril Ramaphosa extended the grant permission validity to another year after a lobby meeting on civil activities. 

Also, he explained the positive impact of grants, substantial effects, guaranteed benefits, and other sides at the annual State of the Nation Address. Then, Mr. President assured them that they would take care of people affected by the pandemic.

Previously Sassa Paid SRD (Social Relief of Distress Grant) (SRD) was given under the Disaster Management Act. But, on 5th April 2022, this act went inactive to lift the National State of Disaster situation. So, it becomes essential to migrate the show and re-issue the regulation under the current section 32 Social assistance act.

What is the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD)? 

Social Relief of Distress is for nation people who need a temporary grant to sustain themselves desperately. These grants help unprivileged people who can't organise daily basic needs to run their families. So, the government arranges donations in the form of cash, vouchers, and food packets.

The cases that will be counted to process grants:

  • Previously you were disqualified from appealing the grant, and now you are desperate to have
  • You are in an unacceptable health condition, which stops you from doing remunerative work for a shorter period.
  • The bread earner of a family is no more.
  • The breadwinners were sent to prison for a short span
  • You do not belong to such a family which already has the benefits of grants
  • You are not getting any response from other organisation

How to apply

If you are worried about the application process, Sassa assures you by providing the simplest application method. It will help if you visit the nearby regional office to fill up the form for Social Relief of Distress with some mandatory documents, such as;

  • Your ID 
  • Child's birth certificate

If you don't have the above-stated documents, you can also carry an approval signed by a local police station, local councillor, chief, or religious leader. It is also a valid Identity document for application and might help you to get the grant.

These essential documents are necessary to process your application further. Along with these, the regional office will also ask for additional documents, including; your marital status, any emergency report, income status, and short-term physical disability.

Applying for the SRD R350 grant? Know how it works

Applicants should know one thing about an application: the electronic enrolment system does not require any document submission. All items get done electronically; the only thing they should keep is to submit the correct phone number, which is linked to their bank account with their good names. So that Sassa can easily convey messages about updated SRD Grants notifications and the status of the application.

Also, you can visit their official site to check the notified updates. If you have any issues with your application or it gets rejected, you can take a step forward for your rights by appealing to the Department of Social Development. Also, you can appeal each month if your application gets declined. 

Moving on, all applicants will get the full details of the process of lodging an appeal in the form of notifications on their given mobile numbers. If you are still struggling to request an appeal each month after the declination of the application, you have to wait for the final decision.   

  • Applicant should choose an Application Strait
  • They can go via Whatsapp, SRD official site, or Sassa Chatbot
  • After that, they should go through the Terms And Conditions and accept the norms
  • Then, provide the valid credentials
  • In the next step, applicants have to provide their banking details and the preferred payment option

How to Apply a Sassa SRD R350 Application?

Here's how you apply for an R350 application under the new guidelines.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll downward to the “How Do I Apply for this SRD Grant?” section.
  3. Click on the yellow ‘apply online now' banner.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number.
  5. Click the “send SMS” button.
  6. Then enter the one-time pin that Sassa issued to the phone number.
  7. By following Sassa's instructions, continue the application process.

How to Submit Banking Details to Sassa

On the SRD website, you can change any banking details that may have been entered improperly in the past and your answers to the application's screening questions. 

This is possible by following the steps listed below:

  1. Access the SRD website at
  2. Scroll down to “How Can I Change My Banking Details?” section.
  3. Enter your ID number there.
  4. The mobile phone number submitted when enrolling for the SRD application will receive an SMS or text message with a link to the Sassa banking details.
  5. Follow the instructions in the SMS to open the bank details.

To status check balance check, visit the Sassa website at or call the Sassa helpline at 0860 12 13 14. And to access your login and passwords, you'll need your identifying number and surname.

How Long can you enjoy the benefits?

Recipients can enjoy the benefits for three months. Only exceptional cases will be granted with additional three months' extensions.

If you want to fill up the SRD application form, you can visit the nearby regional offices. Another thing to note, you can do the whole thing without spending a penny.

Can you change your bank details after applying?

There are specific rules to follow if you want to change your bank details after applying. Sassa alerts all its beneficiaries via their banking account to receive SRD grants.

The South African Social Security Agency has established user-friendly methods for payment transactions of Covid-19 Social Relief Distress Grants. All beneficiaries will receive all alerts of payments via bank accounts according to the SRD rules.  

Sassa will approve recipients' names and allow them to change or update their baking details on the official portal of the Sassa SRD organisation. Also, Sassa gives reminders about the new banking details for future payments.That is not all, they stated that approved recipients would get their grants only after it will get verified by Sassa.

The process of changing banking details guided by The South African Social Security Agency:

1. Applicants need to open the official website of Sassa SRD Grants

2. Then open the tab to change your banking details

3. Put individual ID Numbers.

4. Applicants will receive a unique secured link to their mobile phones registered with the website.

5. After that, open the link from the device

6. Follow the instructions minutely and complete the entire process.


Sassa has clarified that recipients will receive the SRD grants in their account rather than in another's account. These things are set to ensure that the correct beneficiaries will have the granted money and a secured service free from any fraudulent actions.

Those recipients, who want to receive grant payment through a central bank, need to ensure that their phone numbers are linked with their bank accounts in their good names. So they can get updated news and SMS on their registered number. That's why Sassa never sends any notification to a number that belongs to another person.

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