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All About Social Media Marketing. How To Use Social Media For Your Benefit?

After our basic human needs, social media has become a need for most of us that we find hard to part with. Right? And the same is true for your business, at least that's how it seems nowadays. 

Social media for your benefits 

Social media might have few downsides but again, everything has both pros and cons. And you simply can not deny the magic of facebook, whatsapp and other media in connecting faraway people, especially in these recent years of home isolation. 

Social media may change our lives for good and make stuff easy, only if we know how and when to use it. Like it opened up new horizons in the world of eCommerce named social media marketing. 

What is Social media marketing? 

Lately, there's a buzz about social media marketing in the commercial circuit. Simply put, it is using social media platforms and sites to promote or sell your products and services. Of course, we all know about the Facebook marketplace. So that's the kind of thing we're heading to.

Why social media marketing? 

As of October 2022, there are 4.7 billion social media users globally, almost 60% of the world's population. Among these, 80% of people have agreed that posts, influencer promotions, and ads on social media platforms often impact their buying decision.

Another survey shows that average adults spend almost 2.5 hours a day scrolling and clicking on approximately 12 Facebook ads daily. As social media usage is getting more spread and decentralized everyday, it is high time to innovate smart and unique strategies that can capture this growing but still unexplored market. 

Also, don't forget it costs nothing compared to traditional ad campaigns or promo drives for new products. Entry barriers are non-existent here, too. No set-up, no technicalities, or investment. Just having an account can make anyone the next marketing pro. 

Other benefits might be:

  • Humanizing your business, instead of a mechanical business corporation model
  • Generate organic traffic, and genuine leads
  • Increase brand awareness, do personal branding
  • Build relationships with customers 

If incorporated tactfully, social media marketing can do hundreds of times better than its traditional counterparts. 

How to do social media marketing?

Choose your platforms

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are 3 of the largest platforms as of 2022. Select one according to your target audience, product suitability, and budget. Of course, you can always fan out to other sites later.

Report and adjust

Check on-site reports daily to understand which posts and ads are working better, to which audience did it reach, and if your posts can drive traffic and generate leads. Understand the stats and scale up accordingly to get more organic engagement. 

Create diverse Contents

Yours might be a how-to YouTube channel, for example, but that doesn't mean you can't shoot a vlog or a podcast. Don't bore people with stereotypes. Instead, do live sessions to create a variety of infographics, shorts, reels, news, recommendation videos, polls, giveaways, contests, blog posts, etc., alternately, that your regular followers and ideal customers will find interesting and helpful. 

Be consistent

Don't let people forget you. Posting even average-quality content daily will always beat dropping any kick-ass industry standard stuff once in a blue moon because it takes time to earn trust and your unique voice. 

Engage with people

Don't just come online once a month and schedule all posts. Your customers follow you as a living, breathing, friendly human being. Otherwise, they may visit Amazon or the nearest supermarket anytime. Engage more, ask questions, and reply to comments. Live streaming is an amazing way to do it. 

Professional assistance:

If all these sounds too much, you can always just pay the fee and sit back and relax while a professional social media marketing agency takes care of it. There are many such digital assistance firms nowadays. You may book a demo session before signing up, as well. 

Try paid ad boosts

We respect hardworking people who innovate smart strategies to beat algorithms. But it does no harm to spend a little money for on-site boosted/ paid advertisement that always reaches a massive audience and gains more response. 

Hope you reach the goals that you aim for. All the best. Happy marketing! 

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