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A Watch Guide: 7 Ways to Wear Watches Correctly

Whether you are a man or a woman, picking the right clothes has become more complex nowadays. Not only because you want to share it on social media channels to highlight your OOTD, but it’s also to make sure that you look good for your peers. The way we dress is part of our self-presentation, which can create a huge impact on everyone we see, especially at work. Because of that, it’s necessary to make sure that you always look your best.

One of the trickiest parts of dressing up is choosing the right accessories and blend them with the right clothes. It’s not just about picking the matching colors anymore. Accessories, such as a luxury watch, can make or break your overall attire. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can do to make sure that you will look your best all the time.

How can you match your watch with your outfit?

In this article, we will highlight the different ways to match your outfit with your watch. These simple guidelines will give you a headstart in choosing which of your watch collection will fit perfectly for today’s OOTD. Let’s begin!

  1. Choose the right brand and model

It’s common knowledge that every watch brand has its unique personality which separates it from the rest. As much as possible, make sure that you will choose the right brand and model of timepiece that will match your outfit. For instance, if you are going to a casual gathering or a weekend outdoor event, you can consider wearing a Tissot watch. It has a sleek design but it’s also durable for exposure outdoors. If you are planning to go on a formal occasion or high fashion event, a Patek Philippe watch may be more appropriate. Also, consider buying a watch winder too to store your watches that are not in use.

  1. Match the features with the activity

Aside from the brand and model, you should also consider the watch’s features. As you may know, luxury watches and modern timepieces are not only meant for time-telling. It is also equipped with a variety of features that will help you fulfill or achieve your goals for the day. So, if you are traveling, you might want to consider wearing a timepiece with date windows or dual time subdials. In that way, it will be easier for you to monitor other time zones. For sporting events, you might want to choose a timepiece that has chronometers to help track your progress.

  1. Choose the right type for the dress code

Did you know that watches have types too? There are watches that are labeled as sports watches, dress watches, racing watches, diving watches, and more. The easiest and most effective way to determine which timepiece to wear for the day is by matching it with the activity. If you are going to a business meeting or client presentation, a dress watch is more appropriate. However, for athletic activities, you can choose the specific timepiece made for that event.

  1. Match the strap with the formality

The strap or bracelet plays a big role in your watch’s appeal. If you are wearing formal attire such as a business suit or a long dress, avoid wearing timepieces with rubber straps. It is more ideal to wear a watch with a metal or leather band because it looks more formal. Consequently, if you are going for more extreme activities, it’s best to wear those rubber straps. In that way, you don’t need to worry about any potential damages since rubber is more durable.

  1. Leather accessories should blend well with your watch

Another effective way to determine the right timepiece is by matching it with your other accessories. If you are wearing a black belt with black shoes, it is recommended to wear a black leather watch as well. While black works well in any color, it’s more ideal to pair it with the same color for leather.

  1. Pick the right metal combinations

The metal combination is also important. It means that if you are wearing silver accessories, it’s best if you will wear a silver or white gold timepiece as well. In that way, your watch will not contradict the overall aesthetic of your outfit. While you want your timepiece to stand out among other accessories, wearing a combination of yellow and white metals is not a good sight.

  1. Complementary stones are key

Aside from metals, you should also wear complementary stones and gems. If your earring and necklace have diamond ensembles, it’s recommended to wear a diamond-studded watch as well. If you are planning to mix it with colored gems such as rubies and sapphires, make sure that it’s not too big that will overpower the other accessories.


Choosing the right luxury watch to wear is the same as picking the right shoes for the occasion. It’s not only to match your outfit for the day but it’s also to ensure that your timepiece will be used properly. Check out WatchShopping.com to see different types of timepieces for all occasions.

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