Educationa person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually:

a person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually:

1: a person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually:

A. Have impaired judgment and coordination

B. Be spotted immediately by police and highway patrol.

C. Be charged with drunk driving even if they are holding the keys of their vehicle in their hands.

D. Recognize that they should not drive a motor vehicle.

Answer: The correct answer is A.


The correct answer is A because a person who has been drinking alcoholic beverages will usually have impaired judgment and coordination. And this can lead to road accidents. Therefore, one should not consume alcohol before or while driving. It can be dangerous for your as well as other’s life too.

One should avoid alcoholic beverages before or while driving, drinking alcohol before or while driving is against the driving policies set by the government. Whether you are driving or sitting as a passenger, whether the vehicle is parked, moving, or stopped, you can not consume alcoholic beverages. There are a lot of guidelines set by the government for alcohol and driving. If a person is caught violating the driving rules set by the government, legal action will be taken against them. Drink and Drive are not allowed in any condition.

Brief Explanation

As mentioned earlier, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is an unlawful activity. The government sets several rules on this topic, and they are as follows.

One should not drink acholic beverages as a driver or as a passenger. You are not allowed to drink alcohol whether the vehicle is moving, parked, or stopped.
You can not keep, possess, carry, or transport any alcoholic beverage which is opened, broken seal, or partially consumed.
Subsections 1 and 2 shall not apply to the passengers in the living quarters of a camper or a motor home. But for the driver, the rule will be the same as mentioned in subsection 1.
Subsection 2 shall not apply to the passengers who are traveling in a duly licensed vehicle like a bus or taxi.

Therefore, one should avoid alcoholic beverages before and while driving. Whether you are in a driver’s seat or a passenger seat, you are not allowed to consume alcohol as per driving rules set by the government. Not just because of the government rules, but for the sake of your own safety, you should avoid consuming alcohol or other drugs. It is because drinking alcohol can result in impaired judgment and coordination, which lead to road accidents.

So, this was all about the driving policies related to the consumption of alcohol while driving. We have shared all the necessary information with you that is helpful in promoting safe driving. Consumption of alcohol while driving is not only dangerous for the lives of people who are traveling but also can risk the lives of other people. Hence, you should follow all the safety rules and driving rules set by the government and should not drink alcohol or any other drugs before or while driving.

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