Tech8 Reasons to Buy LED Shop Lights

8 Reasons to Buy LED Shop Lights

Shop lighting has an important effect on the length of time customers spend in the sales area. How you highlight your product and products will greatly affect your purchasing decision. When lighting shops, the main rule: there should be no unlit areas, otherwise people will simply not go there. 

Sales figures in retail outlets directly depend on correctly selected lighting equipment. The state of the companies in which store lighting lamps are placed according to the recommendations of specialists has a stable trend of sales growth. There is an opinion among merchandisers, half of the success is the right light. As practice shows, those who save on this suffer losses. That is why you should get proper shop light fixtures before making a final decision. In order not to follow their example, it is worth approaching the issue responsibly.

LED luminaires for shops are selected depending on the type of fixing and height of ceilings; both Armstrong luminaires and linear luminaires can be suitable. Pendant lamps of the “Bell” type are often installed at a ceiling height of 4 meters or more.

1. High luminous efficiency

Thanks to LEDs from the world's best manufacturers – Cree, Nichia, Samsung – the luminous efficiency of the luminaires reaches 120 lm / W. This means that it is possible to install fewer lighting fixtures, and at the same time still achieve the required illumination and save significant amounts on installation and electricity bills.

2. Environmental friendliness and savings in disposal

LED lighting in stores is safe and environmentally friendly: LED lamps do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, which means that there is no need to waste time and money on disposal.

3. Good color rendering: CRI 85%

The LED lighting in the store perfectly reproduces the colors of the surrounding objects, making the goods look natural and attractive. This is especially important for grocery supermarkets: LED light makes any food fresher and more appetizing!

4. Shadowless effect

The LED store lighting uses an innovative technology to achieve a shadow-free effect on the surface. With this light, customers are better able to see all the details of the goods, they are less tired and more enjoy shopping.

5. Minimum ripple

Ripple norms for retail premises allow the installation of lamps with a ripple coefficient of no more than 15-20% (for grocery supermarkets – no more than 10%). The ripple factor of fluorescent lamps is 20 to 40%. In our LED luminaires, it is <4%, which has been confirmed by tests and recorded in a protocol for measuring and evaluating the light environment.

6. Maintenance-Free

LED shop lighting fixtures have no consumables and are maintenance-free for their entire lifespan, which is over 75,000 hours. You can forget about replacing constantly burning light bulbs, chokes, starters. Always go for reliable brands like for shop lights.

7. Low heat dissipation

Some products, such as fur and leather products, are extremely sensitive to high temperatures, so the use of halogen lamps or incandescent lamps for their illumination is highly undesirable. LED lamps practically do not heat up and are completely safe for any product group. 

8. Natural light

Numerous studies of the psychology of shopping show that shopping areas with bright, mostly natural light are the most comfortable and conducive to shopping. In terms of its spectral composition, the light of LED lamps is close enough to daylight sunlight.

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